Tremors Festival

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Country and Region CanadaBritish Columbia
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Festival Contact Information

Rumble Productions
1422 William Street
Vancouver, BC V5L 2P7 Canada
Phone: +01 604-662-3395
Fax: +01 604-630-7294

Festival Description

Rumble Productions’ emerging arts festival returns to showcase contemporary works created by some of Canada’s most innovative new companies.

Festival Dates April 10 – 28, 2012
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Festival Events:

Programming 2012:
  • The Last Days of Judas Iscariot
    By Stephen Adly Guirgis
    Director — Stephen Drover
    Producers — Pound of Flesh Theatre in association with Pacific Theatre, Neworld Theatre, and The Cultch and Rumble Productions
    Dates — April 10 - 21, 8:00pm (Preview - April 10; Matinee - April 14 & 21, 2:0pm)
    Venue — Historic Theatre at The Cultch
    • Halfway between Heaven and Hell, in a place called Hope, history’s most infamous sinner stands trial. In a court room that’s as much ghetto as gospel, the witnesses are called – Mother Teresa, Pontius Pilate, Sigmund Freud, a foul-mouthed Saint Monica, a high school football coach, a handful of Jesus’ disciples – to decide questions of forgiveness, mercy, and eternal damnation. Wildly funny and scathingly provocative, this production will be a full mounting of Pound of Flesh Theatre and Pacific Theatre’s critically acclaimed staged reading in 2009.
  • Giant Invisible Robot
    Written and performed by — Jayson McDonald
Produced by Stars and Hearts
    Director — Scott Holden
    Dates — April 17 – 21, 8:00pm (Matinee - April 21, 2:00pm)
    Venue — Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch
    • Russel is a terminally shy young man who’s had one imaginary friend all his life. Unfortunately, that imaginary friend is a Giant Invisible Robot programmed to destroy. Join Russel as he attempts to find love, bury the past, and prevent his Giant Robot from destroying Earth’s cities one by one. Winner of the Georgia Straight Critics’ Choice Award – Vancouver Fringe 2011.
  • Endgame
    By Samuel Beckett
    Director — Stephen Malloy Producers — Main Street Theatre
    Dates — April 18 – 28, 7:00pm (Preview - April 18; Late Show - April 27, 10:00pm)
    Venue — Little Mountain Studios (195 East 26th Ave at Main)
    • The setting for Endgame is a bare, partially underground room, serving as shelter for Hamm the master, Clov his servant, and Hamm’s father and mother, Nagg and Nell (who live in garbage cans). Hamm is in a wheelchair and makes Clov move him around the room, fetch objects, and look out the window for signs of life. Outside all seems dead and nothing happens. Inside, the characters pass the time mortifying each other and toying with fears and illusions of a possible change, all along sensing the inevitability of their end. Main Street Theatre continues their exploration of contemporary classics in intimate, unconventional settings with their much-anticipated mounting of Beckett’s masterpiece.
  • A Last Resort Devised by Camille Gingras and Candelario Andrade
    Director — Lois Anderson Producers — Rough House Productions
    Developed in association with Rumble Productions with support from the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
    Dates — April 24 – 28, 8:00pm (Matinee - April 28, 2:00pm)
    Venue — Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch
    • In 2004, video artist Candelario Andrade left his home in Mexico and set off in search of a new life. That same year, playwright Camille Gingras returned to Canada as a last resort. An intimate multimedia performance, A Last Resort explores the lengths two people will go for that perfect life just beyond the horizon. A Last Resort is a new multicultural work from the creators of the award-winning Tiny Apocalypse, which debuted at the 2008 TREMORS Festival.

Workshops 2012:
  • Saturday, April 21 & Sunday, April 22
    FREE! Limited amount of participants, so register early!
    • An opportunity for high school students (grades 8-12) to strengthen their performance, writing and collaboration skills, have a great time and see some awesome theatre! Led by the professional theatre artists performing in the TREMORS Festival, these three workshops aim to inspire and give new tools to students who are looking to and/or thinking about pursuing a career in theatre and the arts.
    • Please visit the Rumble website for more information and the current schedule of events.
    • If you are a high school student who is interested in being a part of Workshocks, please email producer Heather Lindsay at to confirm your name on the workshop list. We look forward to having Vancouver’s high school students involved in TREMORS!
Showcase 2012:
  • Sunday, April 15, 8:00pm
    Venue — Vancity Culture Lab at The Cultch
    Audience admission is FREE!
    • Come support the young artists whoʼll soon be shaking up the theatre scene! The TREMORS showcase features original monologues, scenes and experiments by emerging actors and writers who have been “out there” for a maximum of 5 years. A lively, social alternative to auditions, the showcase brings together artistic directors and producers with emerging artists and, of course, the audience members. The evening will feature each artistʼs original work in a low pressure, fun, “anything goes” atmosphere. Grab a beer at the bar and join us!
    • If you wish to perform in SHOWCASE, please contact producer Heather Lindsay at for more information.


Practical Info:

  • The Cultch
    • 1895 Venables Street
      Vancouver, BC
  • Little Mountain Studios
    • 195 East 26th Avenue
      Vancouver, BC


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