Homegrown Festival

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Country and Region United StatesMassachusetts
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Festival Contact Information

Email: bowaac@gmail.com

Festival Description

Homegrown Festival is organized by Bodies of Water Shows with the aim to find the most interesting, cutting edge, and wild musical acts from the local, national and global arena. The all ages festival serves to foster a scene in the Boston that will serve as a fertile breeding ground for cutting edge and experimental musical artists to grow and develop is a supportive atmosphere. The events are organized to provide a safe, secure situation for music fans of all ages to see and hear and experience the wild world of sounds that human beings are capable of creating.

Festival Dates November 2 - 3, 2012
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Festival Story:

The annual HOMEGROWN festival is a beacon placed on the edge of this ugly void in an attempt to draw together those who desire such a void to be filled. This festival and its presenters are part of a shift that has been taking place in the Boston area over the last number of years. This shift can be summed up as the resulting reaction, out of frustration, from Greater Boston’s residents over the lack of community mindedness and community engagement exhibited by those who reap the profits from local artists and musicians. Multitudes of blogs have sprouted up, new legitimate venues are opening, more illegitimate venues than ever are operating, new art galleries have opened, and several “show listing” sheets are circulated each month. The Boston area has changed for the better of the arts, and it would seem that it will continue evolving in this direction. And HOMEGROWN will be there growing amidst this overflowing spirit.


Festival Events:

Lineup 2012:
  • Fat History Month(MA)
  • Bugs and Rats(MA)
  • Cuffs(MA)
  • Major Stars(MA)
  • Reports(MA)
  • Skimask(MA)
  • Exusamwa(MA)
  • Greg Kelly/Bill Nace(MA)
  • Far Out Fangtooth(PA)
  • Hoax(MA)
  • Bang Bros.(MA)
  • Happy Jawbone Family Band(VT)
  • Eric Copeland(of Black Dice, NY)
  • Sightings(NY)
  • Dan Melchior(NC)
  • Guerilla Toss(MA)
  • Container(RI)
  • No, Sir I Won’t(MA)
  • Blue Sausage Infant(DC)
  • Double Awake(MA)
  • Gary Wilson(CA/NY)
  • Pissed Jeans(PA)
  • Sore Eros(MA)
  • Roomrunner(MD)
  • Sediment Club(RI)
  • Funeral Cone(MA)
  • Driphouse(NY)
  • Burning Star Core(NY)
  • PC Worship(NY)
  • Zebu/Eggs Eggs(MA)
  • Ben Hersey(MA)
  • Comb Man(MA)
  • Creaturos(MA)
  • White Pages(MA)


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Practical Info:

  • Cambridge Elks Lodge
    • 55 Bishop Allen Drive
      Central Square
      Cambridge, MA
  • Hours
    • November 2 (6:00pm-12:30am)
    • November 3 (5:00pm-12:30am)
Tickets 2012:
  • $15 per day
  • Advance tickets only available through pledging @ our official Kickstarter Project at


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