The International Dance Week

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Country and Region Czech RepublicPrague
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Prague, Prague, Czech Republic
Festival Contact Information

The International Dance Week
Dance Center Prague - Conservatoire o.p.s.
Pod Žvahovem 463
152 00, Praha 5
Czech Republic
Phone: (420) 220-611-980
Fax: (420) 220-610-306

Festival Description

The International Dance Week is a festival, which comprises performances, seminars, lectures, workshops. It takes place annually since 1986.

Festival Dates January 4- 15, 2010
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Festival Story:

The First Contemporary Dance Center in Central Europe has existed since 1961. Up until the revolution in 1989, they were part of the unofficial underground culture, like many other progressive artists in the country. Nevertheless, mainly through the help of our foreign collaborators, we managed to maintain a continuity in development and obtain information and further education. Now, after a many years we finally gained the official (government) “status“ for our Dance Center Prague – Conservatoire (from 1994), that is one of three subjects of the Dance Center Prague. That was our main aim: to provide the Czech dance with high level of eclectic education of classical, contemporary and jazz dance techniques as well as proper general techniques.

Since 1961 the Dance Center Prague has been engaged in four main directions:
  • Dance Center Prague, Conservatoire (eight year daily studies, age from 12)
  • Ballet Prague Junior, chamber Company (ages 17–20)
  • Baby Ballet Prague, chamber Company (ages 13–16)
  • Dance Center Prague, art agency which organizes:
    • International Dance Week-festival, since 1986
    • Summer Dance School, seminars since 1988
    • Summer Dance Workshop, rehearsals and performances since 1994
    • Christmas Dance Stage, since 1995


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