International Theatre Festival for Peace (Festival Internacional de Teatro en la Gran Carpa de la Paz)

2012 Festival Poster
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Country and Region ColombiaSantander
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Barrancabermeja, Santander, Colombia
Festival Contact Information

Phone: +57 321-234-0594

Festival Description

The festival of drama brings together scholars and theatre groups for experimental theatre exchange and to share cultural understanding in the name of peace. The programming includes workshops, lectures, presentations, panels and opportunities for artistic development. The festival is to take place in a large tent where it occupies its own space. The tent serves as the symbolic place of reconciliation and sharing among participants. All the work of the artists is to build peaceful stages where each of the participants share their own experiences. With the workshops and the performances we expect that our people will take the artistic life as a peaceful way to share with others and positively impact their own communities.

In the future we hope that the festival will move to different cities each year with the same format to share with other international communities.

Festival Dates September 15 - 23, 2012
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Festival Events:

Programming archives 2012:
  • The following events were successfully completed
    • 40 events of high national and international level (theater-dance-lectures-presentations).
    • 15 shows of groups in formation from the region.
    • 25 plays of national and international groups at high quality (aesthetic and conceptual).
    • 15 non-theatrical events (dance-music-painting-conferences-forums).
    • 23 workshops.
    • 15,000 spectators
    • 560 participants in the workshops.
  • This year (2012), we hope to exceed the number of participants, workshops, lectures and other activities because we want to build an open and peaceful community through art and culture.


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