Festival Les Coups de Théâtre

Trois Contes, photo by Louise Kelh; and festival 2010 poster.
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Country and Region CanadaQuebec
Type of Festival Dance, Drama
Location of Festival Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Festival Description

Acknowledging the vitality and diversity in all the aspects of theatre arts for young audiences, and provoking extraordinary encounters: that’s what motivates Artistic Director Rémi Boucher who twenty years ago, in 1990, founded Les Coups de Théâtre / Festival international des arts jeune public, a biannual event unparalleled in Canada.

Twenty-two national and international companies will be attending — eleven from Quebec (with as many new works), and eleven from Australia, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Norway, present modern, unexpected and sometimes strange works, reflecting society’s transformations and young people’s probing questions. Through the diverse spheres of theatre, puppetry, dance and music, children, teens and adults will encounter programming that is highly stimulating. Increasingly, authors, directors, choreographers, designers and performers are turning to interdisciplinarity, sharing their expertise in order to transcend the boundaries of genre and style and to evoke universes of great theatrical richness. These works, all presented as world, North American or Montreal premières, are staged in French, English or in their original language, with surtitles, or without any words at all.

The Festival locations on Montreal stages: The Festival unfolds on the stages of Usine C; Place des Arts [Théâtre Maisonneuve and the 5e Salle]; the Conservatoire de musique et d’art dramatique du Québec; the Monument-National; Tangente; the Agora de la danse; the Studio-théâtre de L’Illusion; the Grande Bibliothèque; and the Maisons de la culture [Plateau-Mont-Royal and Frontenac], our partners for this edition.

Festival Dates November 2014
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Festival Story:

From one adventure to the next… Take your seats!
Whether they draw their inspiration from epic or philosophical tales; whether they slip into the roles of legendary and famous characters from literature, whether they revisit a cult work; whether they tackle history, politics, codes of social behaviour, icons of popular culture, or ecological issues; whether they highlight an unusual slice of life, a personal quest or a search for love or identity; or whether they lead us on high-energy expeditions or plunge us into electrifying mysteries; these companies that, along with their poets wielding words and emotions, have been invited to the Festival, welcome all, young and old, onto the stage where imagination reigns, to share in an unforgettable artistic and human experience. While their protagonists may be passionate, ambitious, bumbling, cheeky, comic, nasty, wild, starry-eyed, steadfast, astute or loyal, their adventures offer just as many ways of looking at life. It was, it is, it will be. Make way for the 11th edition of the Festival Coups de Théâtre!


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Practical Info:

  • By phone
    • Toll Free in Canada at 1 866-844-2172
    • International +01 514-844-2172
      Tickets on sale in a range of prices and family rates at Info-Festival: +01 514-499-2929, or at http://www.coupsdetheatre.com


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