FAKI Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression (Festival Alternativnog Kazališnog Izricaja)

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Country and Region CroatiaGrad Zagreb
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, Croatia
Festival Contact Information

Festival Alternativnog Kazališnog Izricaja
attack. trnjanski nasip bb. zagreb.ured. budmanijeva 12
Phone: (385) 16-055-438
Email: fakifest@gmail.com

Festival Description

FAKI is an alternative theater festival with twelve year tradition. The main idea of the festival is to gather people from different countries who are engaged with theatre activities outside commercial theatrical institutions, encourage young performers and produce quality and contemporary performances. Practically, this means that FAKI is a festival of alternative theatre, street theatre, performance and off- and low-budget theatre. The festival will offer presentations, workshops and (in) formal discussions and conversations among performers, organizers and the festival audience, as well as the actual theatre acts. FAKI is organized by ATTACK! (Autonomni kulturni centar). non-profit, nongovernment, non-partisan, volunteer civil organization that aims at creating and spreading an alternative to the dominant culture, policy and economy.

Festival Dates May 19 - 22, 2011
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Practical Info:

Participant’s information 2011:
  • Contact the Festival team at fakifest@gmail.com before March 21, 2011 for the appropriate forms—
    • Application form
    • Personal and travel form
    • Technical requirements form
  • Prepare video/photo material on a CD/DVD
    • All applications are reviewed by the selectors. The main criterion for selection is the quality of the show itself. A couple of attractive photos will bring the audience to your show! Be sure to print out the forms and pack everything in a big envelope.
  • Apply to FAKI
    • All materials, CD/DVD and printed forms send by mail to our address no later than March 21, 2011. If necessary, the FAKI team will contact you with further questions and requests. Mail to
      Autonomni kulturni centar- Attack
      Pierottijeva 11
      10000 Zagreb CROATIA
      Email: fakifest@gmail.com
  • FAKI Festival offers participants—
    • Cover travel expenses
    • Accomodation and vegan meals during the festival
    • Advertising in local media
    • Performance space
    • Technical support
  • About FAKI
    • FAKI (Festival of Alternative Theatrical Expression) is a non-profit theater festival that supports subversive and marginal theater projects. The festival is organized by the Autonomous Cultural Center ATTACK! (formerly Autonomous Culture Factory). This is the 11th year FAKI is taking place.
  • What are subversive and marginal theater projects?
    • Any groups or individuals that practice some form of theater but are impossible to fit existing streams, directions or movements. What connects these is subversion: it can shock, warn or simply comment on the dominant culture using the language of theater.
  • FAKI is non-profit
    • This means that all programs are free. The festival does not make profit. All income is used to cover the expenses according to the yearly financial plan. FAKI is funded through donations and sponsorships. FAKI is open to all sponsors, but its non-profit character does not favor the advertising of very big sponsors. FAKI does not provide fees for performers.
  • FAKI is looking for an alternative to the theater we know.
    • When different marginal groups get together, ideas and styles are mixed and exchanged. During the festival, groups and individuals transform through mutual inspiration. FAKI is not only a festival, it’s a gathering: a gathering for the occupation of public space and its contamination by alternative expression.
  • About ATTACK!
    • ATTACK! is a non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental, voluntary citizens’ association that creates and spreads alternative culture, politics and economy. ATTACK!'s goal is to give publice space and a creative voice to everyone who is dedicated to change on local level that leads to a free society.


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