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Country and Region CanadaQuebec
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Way's Mills, Quebec, Canada
Festival Contact Information

Phone: 819-838-1833
Toll free: 1 866-665-6669

Festival Description

Shazamfest is a festival of music & culture in beautiful Way’s Mills, Quebec. Set in the base of a natural amphitheatre, surrounded by a rolling river, a lush green forest and a vast expanse of blue sky, this event will showcase an eclectic blend of live bands, circus performers, freak shows, burlesque and deejays. Shazamfest will showcase musical styles, from acoustic to electric and from reggae to house music with many stops in between. This will truly be an all encompassing event, attracting music and theatre lovers from all over the Eastern Townships, Montreal , Quebec City & New England.

Festival Dates July 12 - 14, 2013
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Festival Story:

About Shazam Farm—As a pioneering organic farm, Shazam Farm has always been a place where new ideas are shared, discussed, and often put to the test. It’s also an environment where people of various cultures have come to visit, exchange, work, or just play music and experience country living at its best. Shazam Farm is also home to one of Canada’s most eclectic and original summer festivals: Shazamfest, born four years ago under the direction of Ziv Przytyk and his brother Sasha.

From a mixed Polish/Canadian background, the young Przytyks grew up on this family farm tucked in the hills of the Eastern Townships, a beautiful area rich in both official cultures and languages. Growing small crops and selling produce at the local market were part of their summer activities. Early ventures included growing a variety of vegetables, berries, and herbs, not to mention blue potatoes. Later, both brothers left to study and work in far-off places including Western Canada and Poland, returning whenever possible to visit their close-knit family.

Cultivating Diversity—While abroad, the brothers became increasingly active musically as Deejays and promoters, picking up on artists and trends, all the while pursuing other careers. However, their hearts remained in the Townships of Quebec – as both brothers eventually returned to the area, in rapid succession, complete with their own young families and worldly experiences. They had no trouble picking up where they left off in the community, but they had a new ambition: to cultivate culture itself… or specifically, to throw a really good party.

The idea was create a festival that would showcase local talent, while including a wide variety of musical and theatrical influences. An event where people of all ages could come to enjoy a weekend of music and circus events, in a lively outdoor setting. The family farm was a hands-down choice for the future festival’s location, not least because of its hidden jewel: an idyllic natural area within a short hike of the homestead, now simply known as The Site.

The Venue—As you walk the tree-lined path down from the camping area and suddenly descend into the hidden clearing that hosts our gathering, you’ll realize that this unique site is an integral part of the whole experience. A lush valley bounded by woods, a brook and natural springs, the festival site has evolved into a tiny village over the past four years, thanks to the help of numerous volunteers. Using local materials and sweat, several seasonal structures were erected: the massive Main Stage, rustic Shazam Bar-Saloon including a smaller second stage, skateboard ramp complex, a full-fledged gourmet Organic Kitchen, and the Shazam Burger hut, all tapped into our spring water system, on tap for your free enjoyment.

Since our family relocated to Shazam Farm in the early 1980s, we have used this site variously as a venue for soccer games, teepee building and camping, summer parties and even small concerts. But the festival site at Shazam Farm has an interesting history of its own that begins long before our era. This wonderful natural amphitheatre bordering the Niger river on a corner of the farm was in fact used by First Nations peoples long ago.

Reviving a Lost Tradition – and Starting New Ones—At one time, an Abenaki elder visited Shazam Farm and taught us that this same location was used as a summer gathering place by generations of his people. This was a place where several ancient footpaths intersected. Of course this revelation made a lot of sense to us, now more than ever. We would like to honour this old tradition of crossing paths, as we gather with friends both old and new, camp out, feast and enjoy an open-air musical and visual extravaganza.

Shazam Farm’s vision of biodiversity dictates that our event be run in a sustainable manner, making use of locally available food and resources, in a cooperative effort to generate little waste and keep the site and its surroundings unspoiled for future gatherings. In fact, we believe that far from alienating our neighbours and community, an event like Shazamfest can really benefit the area by promoting local foods and businesses as well as home-grown talent and new performing artists.


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Practical Info:

Tickets and Information:
  • Online at
  • Call +01 819-580-4118
  • Shazam Farm
    2722 Ch. de Way’s Mills
    Barnston Ouest,
    Eastern Townships, Quebec
    • Located 145km East of Montreal, 40km South of Sherbrooke, 20km from Magog and Coaticook; 12 miles from Derby Line, Vermont.
An Environmental Festival:
  • Shazamfest, held on an enchanting festival site on the shores of the Niger River in the Eastern Townships radiates a strong love for nature. With structures built mainly from local and recycled materials and our autonomous kitchen principle (everyone cleans their own dishes), we try to minimize our ecological footprint. We help educate people about recycling and composting by providing containers for this purpose. Also, most of our food products are organic and originate from local producers. To enhance our environmental consciousness this year, we will provide you with collectible, reuse able cups printed with our logo. We will also have biodegradable and/or recyclable cups available. All these initiatives follow the 3 R’s rule: Reduce, Reuse then Recycle! Welcome to your own green festival.


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