Dancing on the Edge Festival Festival of Contemporary Dance

Dancers—Sheri Sommerville and Brian Webb; Photo Credit—Ellis Brothers Photography
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Country and Region CanadaBritish Columbia
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Festival Contact Information

Dancing on the Edge Festival Society
280 East Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC V6A 1L3 Canada
Phone: +01 604-689-0691
Fax: +01 604-684-5841
Email: dotefestival@gmail.com

Festival Description

Since 1988 The Dancing on the Edge Festival Society has produced the annual ten day festival. The festival takes place during the first two weeks of July in Vancouver, British Columbia. The contemporary dance festival presents affordable public performances by local, national and international dance artists. The program includes performances, workshops, classes, and lectures. The aim of the society is to encourage the development of high quality contemporary Canadian dance artists at the festival through presentation of their work by up-and-coming and established local, regional, national and international dance artists and companies. The organizers seek to develop audiences through offering a means for understanding and appreciating contemporary dance. The festival accepts applications and proposals from emerging and established dance artists and companies with those interested in being considered for presentation needing to contact the festival by October 1st of the year prior to the next festival.

Festival Dates July 4 - 13, 2013
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Festival Events:

Programming 2012:
  • Fortier Danse-Creation
    • A duet for Paul-André Fortier and Malcolm Goldstein. An encounter between two mature men: one a dancer, the other, a violinist. Both advance along a virtual tightrope, at first carefully, then somewhat recklessly. Summoned by absences, they are swept away by vertigo - the scenery becomes out of focus and the space before them shrinks. Their melancholy is palpable, yet sorrow never takes the upper hand. They move confidently along the tightrope of the present in a dialogue of sound and movement that cuts to the quick. There are smiles; there are tears. Two men, two experienced bodies, cast threads of light from yesterday to tomorrow. Co-conspirators, they move forward, leaving large spaces behind them. They have a rendezvous on the other side of the horizon…
      Performances at the Firehall Arts Centre
  • The 605 Collective
    Inheritor Album
    • Drawn from selected interpretations of inheritance and succession, the full-length album is a collection of short pieces that pull apart the roles of inheritor and predecessor, exploring a turbulent transitional period between the two, creating brief snapshots of a generational place in time.
      Performances at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre
  • adelheid
    in time
    • Inspired by a play called Light, by Ken Gass, this work is a layered portriat of a couple’s interaction as they find themselves in a world like we do- full of new, uncertain and constantly changing circumstances.
      Performances at SFU Studio T


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  • By phone +01 604-689-0926


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