Hoa Binh Gong Festival (Lễ Hội Cồng Chiêng Hòa Bình)

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Country and Region VietnamHoa Binh
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Hoa Binh, Hoa Binh, Vietnam
Festival Contact Information

Sở Văn hóa Thông tin Tỉnh Hòa Bình
5 An Dương Vương, Phường Phương Lâm
Thị Xã Hòa Bình, Tỉnh Hòa Bình, Việt Nam
Phone: +84 (0)18 852138, or +84 (0)18 852157

Festival Description

This traditional festival brings together over a thousand local gong (công, chiêng) performers from various ethnic Mường villages who perform for the public and take part in a competition. The festival also features singing, dancing and a display of diverse ethnic minority fashion. also Additional features of the festival include traditional highland processions showcasing gongs and rượu cần—a rice wine drunk out of a jar through straws.

Festival Dates March/April
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