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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival New York, New York, USA
Festival Contact Information

Under the Radar Festival
The Public Theater
425 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003 USA
Phone: (01) 212-539-8511
Fax: (01) 212 539 8505
Email: mwang@publictheater.org

Festival Description

Under the Radar (UTR) is an annual theater festival that spotlights international artists ranging from emerging talents to masters in the field. The festival is a wild mix of works by ensembles, solo artists, writers, and creators. UTR is a project of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, produced by Mark Russell and The Public Theater in New York City. The ultimate goal of UTR is to offer a crash course in theater that is exciting, independent, and experimental, created by some of the most dynamic artists working today. In its three-year history, UTR has presented 35 productions from over 12 different countries. Some artists who have collaborated with UTR include Anne Bogart and the SITI Company, Cynthia Hopkins, Elevator Repair Service, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, The Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Teatro De Los Andes, and many more. The UTR Festival and Symposium is a project of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters, produced by Mark Russell and The Public Theater in New York City.

Festival Dates January 9 - 20, 2013
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Festival Events:

Programming 2013:
  • Hollow Roots
    Thursday, January 10, 6:30pm/Friday January 11, 9pm/Saturday, January 12, 3:30pm/Sunday, January 13, 8pm/Wednesday, January 16th 9:30pm/Friday, January 18, 7pm/Sunday, January 20th 2:30pm
    Christina Anderson and Lileana Blain-Cruz (USA)
    Written by Christina Anderson
    Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz
    Performed by April Matthis
    $20 Tickets Running Time: 55 minutes
    • In Hollow Roots, a woman traverses a nameless urban landscape plagued by a question: can a person of color have a “neutral narrative”? A spare and intimate setting evolves into a vivid world painted in detailed observations and marked by memories, music, maps, and circumstance. Tapping into the rich and complicated genre of one person plays by writers such as Wallace Shawn and Spalding Grey, Hollow Roots asks the question - can someone live a life unaffected by one’s race or gender?
  • Ganesh Versus the Third Reich
    Wednesday, January 9, 8pm/Thursday, January 10, 8pm/Saturday, January 12, 8pm/Sunday, January 13, 1pm/Monday, January 14, 7pm
    Back to Back Theatre (Australia)
    Directed by Bruce Gladwin
    Devised by Mark Deans, Marcia Ferguson, Bruce Gladwin, Simon Laherty, Scott Price, Kate Sulan, Brian Tilley, and David Woods $20 Tickets
    Running Time: 105 minutes
    • Last seen at UTR in 2008 with small metal objects, Back to Back returns with a beautiful and disarming production, full of vulnerability. Ganesh Versus the Third Reich begins with the elephant-headed god Ganesh traveling through Nazi Germany to reclaim the Swastika, an ancient Hindu symbol. As this intrepid hero embarks on his journey, a second narrative is revealed: the actors themselves begin to feel the weighty responsibility of storytellers and question the ethics of cultural appropriation. Formed in 1987 and led by director Bruce Gladwin, Back to Back Theatre has developed a reputation for its unique ability to present the issues of our times with a distinct outsider focus. Previous works include Soft, Food Court, Mental, and Dog Farm.
  • Minsk 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker
    Tuesday, January 15, 8pm/Wednesday, January 16, 7pm/Thursday, January 17, 7pm/Friday, January 18, 7pm/Saturday, January 19, 3pm/Saturday, January 19, 7pm/Sunday, January 20, 8pm
    Belarus Free Theatre (Belarus/UK)
    Concept, Adaptation and Direction by Uladizmir Shcherban
    Devised by Belarus Free Theatre
    Edited by Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin $20 Tickets
    Running Time: 85 minutes
    Performed in Russian and Belarusian with English supertitles.
    • If scars are sexy, Minsk is the sexiest city in the world. In Minsk 2011: A Reply to Kathy Acker, strip clubs, underground raves and gay pride parades pulse beneath the surface of a city where sexuality is twisted by oppression. In this raw and provocative production, BFT presents a potent lament for a country that has lost its way. Belarus Free Theatre brought us Being Harold Pinter, Zone of Silence, and Discover Love and returns to New York and UTR with their newest award-winning production.
  • Blood Play
    Wednesday, January 9, 8:30pm/Thursday, January 10, 9:30pm/Saturday, January 12, 9:30pm/Sunday, January 13, 2:30pm/Monday, January 14, 9:30pm/Thursday, January 17, 7pm/Friday, January 18,9:30pm/Saturday, Jan 19, 3pm/Saturday, January 19, 7pm/Sunday, January 20, 8:30pm
    By The Debate Society (USA)
    Written by Paul Thureen and Hannah Bos
    Directed and developed by Oliver Butler
    $20 Tickets
    Running Time: 75 minutes
    • In the tranquil Chicago suburbs in the early 1950s, the kids are away camping with their Jr. Cherokee Troop, and a string of coincidences yields a spontaneous grown-up party. In the basement of a brand-new ranch house, exotic cocktails like “Rapupu Sours” are sampled, games like “Bee Pee Bo” are played and new friends like Jeep, the door-to-door photographer, are made. But things are happening that no one is talking about, and something is stirring underground. For their seventh full-length work, the New York based company The Debate Society (Buddy Cop 2) has created a darkly comic thriller of post-war verve and pre-adolescent disquiet.
  • C’est du Chinois
    Wednesday, January 9, 8:30pm/Thursday, January 10, 7:30pm/Friday, January 11, 7pm/Saturday, January 12, 7pm/Saturday, January 12, 10pm/Sunday, January 13, 3pm/Monday, January 14, 7pm/Wednesday, January 16, 9:30pm
    Edit Kaldor (Hungary/Netherlands) $20 Tickets Running Time: 80 minutes Performed in Mandarin with no supertitles
    • “Thank you for your interest to learn Mandarin. It is a good investment of your time.” Meet the Yao and Lu families from Shanghai, determined to reinvent themselves in a new country. The only language they speak is Mandarin, but that will not stand in the way of a productive exchange with their audience. In this highly original production, we learn basic comprehension of the Mandarin language, just enough to decipher their unfolding story. “C’est du Chinois” is a French expression, meaning “it’s all Greek to me” (literally, “it’s Chinese”), indicating that something is impossible to understand. The equivalent of this idiom in Mandarin is 聽起來像火星話 (literally, “sound like Mars language”). Netherlands based Hungarian director Edit Kaldor is recognized internationally as a unique voice in the contemporary theatre landscape for her work that mixes documentary and fictional elements.
  • Arguendo (Work in Progress)
    Saturday, January 12, 1pm/Saturday, January 12, 4pm/Sunday, January 13, 5pm/Sunday, January 13, 8pm/Monday, January 14, 3pm
    Elevator Repair Service (USA)
    Directed by John Collins
    Created and performed by Elevator Repair Service
    $20 Tickets
    Running Time: 90 minutes
    • One of New York’s most highly acclaimed theater companies, Elevator Repair Service (GATZ; The Sound and the Fury, April Seventh, 1928) presents their latest work in progress – Arguendo. In Barnes v. Glen Theatre, a 1991 First Amendment case brought by a group of go-go dancers, the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court debate whether dancing naked in a strip club is an exercise of artistic expression or a crime. In Arguendo, ERS presents the case’s oral argument, verbatim, revealing a compelling intellectual struggle and the court’s often-absurd sense of humor. There will be a 20-minute talk back following every show, included in the price of admission.
  • Hamlet, Prince of Grief
    Thursday, January 10, 3:30pm/Friday, January 11, 7pm/Saturday, January 12, 7pm/Monday, January 14, 7pm/Wednesday, January 16, 7:30pm/Thursday, January 17, 9:30pm/Saturday January 19, 9:30pm/Sunday, January 20, 6pm
    Leev Theater Group (Iran)
    Directed by Mohammad Aghebati
    Written by Mohammad Charmshir
    $20 Tickets
    Running Time: 30 minutes
    Performed in Farsi with English supertitles
    • Using household objects and children’s toys to play out his family’s history of betrayal and death, in Hamlet, Prince of Grief, Shakepeare’s tragic hero comes to terms with his violent fate through an obsessive retelling of the moments that preceded the tragedy. Featuring acclaimed Iranian actor, Afshin Hashemi, Hamlet, Prince of Grief was first presented in Iran by Leev Theater Group and chosen as Iran’s “Best Theater Group” by the Critics and Writers Association of Iran’s Theater House and was named Tehran’s “Best Theater Group” by the Dramatic Arts Center.
  • A 20th Century Abridged Concert of the History of Popular Music
    Friday, January 11, 8pm
    Running Time: 90 minutes
    • Taylor Mac (USA) Over the next two years, a bedazzled creature builds a community by singing 24 concerts of the last 24 decades of popular music. Ultimately all 24 concerts will be stitched together culminating in a 24-hour long extravaganza. To help prepare for the big concert, Taylor Mac, called “one of the most exciting theater artists of our time,” by Time Out New York, and his band will be performing an abridged version: music from the 20th century.
  • Life and Times: Episodes 1-4 (January 16-20)
    Nature Theater of Oklahoma (USA)
    Conceived and directed by Pavol Liska and Kelly Copper
    Produced by Soho Rep
    Running Time: Episode 1, 3 hours 15 minutes with a 15 minute intermission; Episode 2, 2 hours; Episodes 3 & 4, 2 hours 30 minutes. Marathon runs 10 hours 15 minutes including four breaks
    Episode 1: Wednesday, January 16, 7:30pm
    Episode 2: Thursday, January 17, 7:30pm
    Episodes 3 & 4: Friday, January 18, 7:30pm
    Marathon (all four episodes, includes four breaks): Sunday, January 20, 2pm $25 Tickets per episode, $60 Tickets for marathon performances for Public Theater Members and UTR Pack Holders
    $30 Tickets per episode, $70 Tickets for marathon performances
    • The Public Theater presents the Soho Rep production of the American premiere of Nature Theater of Oklahoma’s Life and Times: Episodes 1-4 as a special engagement of the 2013 Under the Radar Festival. It will continue to run through February 2, 2013 at The Public Theater following the close of the Festival. When can the ordinary become extraordinary and the mundane monumental? “Epic stories need epic forms,” says Nature Theater of Oklahoma, making their triumphant homecoming with this bold, exuberant 11-hour celebration of the most epic story of all: life. Life and Times: Episodes 1-4 charts one person’s account of their own life from earliest memory through adolescence through music, movement, and mystery. It’s about you, too!
  • 2 Dimensional Life of Her
    Thursday, January 10, 2:30pm/Thursday, January 10, 5pm/Thursday, January 10, 7pm/Friday, January 11, 4pm/Friday, January 11, 5:30pm/Friday, January 11, 7:30pm/Saturday, January 12, 3pm/Saturday, January 12, 5pm/Saturday, January 12, 7pm/Sunday, January 13, 3pm/Sunday, January 13, 5pm/Monday, January 14, 6pm/Monday, January 14, 7:30pm/Wednesday, January 16, 6pm/Wednesday, January 16, 7:30pm/Thursday, January 17, 6pm/Thursday, January 17, 7:30pm/Friday, January 18, 6pm/Friday January 18, 7:30pm/Saturday, January 19, 3:30pm/Saturday, January 19, 6pm/Saturday, January 19, 7:30pm/Sunday, January 20, 3pm/Sunday, January 20, 6pm/Sunday, January 20, 7:30pm
    Fleur Elise Noble (Australia)
    Concept, direction, set Design, and performance by Fleur Elise Noble
    Produced by Insite Arts
    $20 Tickets
    Running Time: 40 minutes
    • An enchanting mix of drawing, animation, puppetry, projection and paper, 2 Dimensional Life of Her is a richly imagined performance installation set in an artist’s studio. Fleur Elise Noble creates a parallel world in which everything thought to be flat becomes something else. In this illusionary, captivating and cheeky work, visual tensions build and realities pile up - until the artist loses control of her creations and absolutely anything becomes possible…
  • Zero Cost House
    Running Time: 110 minutes Thursday, January 10, 2:30pm/Friday, January 11, 9:30pm/Saturday, January 12, 3pm/Sun. January 13, 7pm/Monday, January 14, 9:30pm/Wednesday, January 16, 2:30pm/Thursday, January 17, 9:30pm/Friday, January 18, 9:30pm/Saturday, January 19, 9:30pm/Sunday, January 20, 2:30pm
    Pig Iron Theatre Company and Toshiki Okada (USA/Japan)
    Directed by Dan Rothenberg
    $20 Tickets
    • A stripped-down work of anti-theater from Pig Iron Theatre Company (Chekhov Lizardbrain) and Toshiki Okada (Hot Pepper…, Enjoy); Zero Cost House is a meditation on how Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond changed a man’s life; on the disruptions and re-imaginings that accompany a national disaster; and on the uneasy compromises between radical idealism and contemporary living. An unusual, cerebral work of autobiography brings together Okada’s sly, idiosyncratic writing and Pig Iron’s precise, physical performance spirit.
  • ToasT
    Saturday, January 19, 12pm
    Lemon Andersen (USA)
    Written by Lemon Andersen
    Directed by Elise Thoron
    Free Tickets. Call (212) 967-7555
    Running Times: 90 minutes
    • A reading of Andersen’s new play, ToasT, celebrates the poetic history of black oral narratives called “toasts” and re-imagines Dolomite, Stackolee, Annabelle Jones, Jesse James and other legendary folklore heroes in Attica prison where a riot is brewing.


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  • The Public Theater
    425 Lafayette Street
    New York, New York


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