International Festival of Puppet Theater

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Country and Region IsraelJerusalem District
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel
Festival Contact Information

Train Theater
P. O.Box 8289
Jerusalem 91082
Phone: +972-2-5618514
Fax: +972-2-5619375

Festival Description

The Train Theater initiated the Festival in 1983. Since 2001 the Festival of visual theater has become an annual event, taking place every August in Jerusalem. The Festival selects performances based on variety, quality and relevance, and have hosted many artists known for their contribution to the field of puppetry and Visual Theater. During the years, the Festival has become the primal source of creation and inspiration in the field of Puppet Theater in Israel. The Festival’s program is designated mainly for audience of children and the whole family, but includes performances for adults as well.

Festival Dates August 4 - 8, 2013
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Articles and Reviews:
  • People on Strings: The International Festival of Puppet Theater hits Jerusalem, by Simone (Jerusalemite, August 11, 2008)
  • International Festival of Puppet Theater (Jerusalemite, August 11, 2008)
  • International Puppet Festival (Go Jerusalem)


Practical Info:

Photo credits:
  • Presskit Pics - “The Enchanter” (by Saray Levin, Lior Lerman and Jonathan Shohet), Photo: Jonathan Shohet
  • 01 - “Tsik” (by Yaron Milgrom), Photo: Roni Knaani
  • lullaby 028 - “Mother’s Tongue” (by Patricia O’Donovan and Yael Tai), Photo: Patricia O’Donovan
  • 23a - “Where is Mrs. Gabbay?” (by Jack Shvili and Avraham Cohen), Photo: Eldad Maestro
  • 13d - “Far Over the Sea” (by Shahar Marom), Photo: Riki Vertesh
  • 14b - “A Touch of Light” (by Patricia O’Donovan), Photo: Alan Baczynsky
  • 8a - “Circo Poetico” (by Girovago&Rondella; Family Theatre), no photo credit
  • 2a - “…A La Bougie” (by Compagnie Garin Trousseboeuf), no photo credit
  • 10a - “The Flea Circus” (by Les Petits Miracles), Photo: Mario Donadoni
  • 7e - “What does “Red” do on Thursday?” (By Thalias Kompagnons), Photo: Jutta Missbach
  • 4b - “Morningstar” (by Duda Paiva Puppetry&Dance;), no photo credit
  • 1d - “Music Box” (by Teatr Animacji W Poznaniu), Photo: Jacek Zagajewski


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