Children’s Theatre Summer (Dziecięce Lato Teatralne)

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Country and Region PolandMazowieckie
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

Dziecięce Lato Teatralne
Stowarzyszenie Scena 96
ul. Raszyńska 32/44 lok 140
02-026 Warszawa, Poland
Phone: (48) 22 668-67-08

Festival Description

The idea of the Children’s Theatre Summer originated when the organizers thought about children who are not able to go on holidays but spend summer in Warsaw. There are more and more of these children and the festival provides them an opportunity to see the best theatre productions from all over Poland. The productions are created for children, but also give the artists true joy and satisfaction from meeting with the youngest audience. Interest in theatre, planted in early childhood, facilitates a child’s development and self-esteem, which in turn opens enlarges the perspective of their life.

The Children’s Theatre Summer is also a realization of a dream about a travelling theatre, which can reach all expected and unexpected places—about a theatre which combines a travelling company and a street theatre—which both attacks and attracts with its magic. The festival takes place where young audiences gather—in the most beautiful playgrounds, parks and open-air stages in Warsaw. The festival allows direct contact between children and the artists with play and co-creation of theatre activities. Every year the range of theatre activities are increased. Throughout the summer, Tuesday through Thursday of July and August, Warsaw becomes the audience of the biggest children’s festival of theatre.

Festival Dates July 13 - August 17, 2011
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