Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences (Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne)

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Country and Region PolandMalopolskie
Type of Festival Dance, Drama
Location of Festival Cracow, Malopolskie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne
“ROTUNDA” Association
ul. Oleandry 1, 30-060 Kraków, Poland
Phone: (48) 12 633 61 60, or (48) 12 633 35 38
Fax (48) 12 633 76 48

Festival Description

The Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences is one of the oldest theatre festivals in Poland, by having been organised continuously since 1975. It is well known in the country and abroad and each year at the end of March draws a crowd of theatre aficionados to Cracow.

Originally the festival used to be a stage of dialogue within the alternative environment: where the best productions of the season were reviewed, with experiences, practices, and ideas exchanged, and the role of the artist in contemporary world was discussed. Now, faced with the disintegration of the movement, a sense of loss of numerous leading artists, problems with the definition of what has remained of the alternative theatre to this day, the former profile of the festival cannot be easily maintained.

The time of change has come—in fact, this is nothing new as the festival did continue to evolve from its earliest days by not forgetting about its roots. The festival intends to show new social situations in which theatre exists. Each year Reminiscences’ evolves by using the theatre in an attempt to make us aware of the transformation of society.

The idea behind theme-focused Reminiscences entices the public to a take a moment to reflect. The organizers aim to developing a coherent aesthetic and intellectual whole from the selected productions and other artistic pursuits. The productions at Reminiscences are to bring joy to the spectator, as well as to ask the spectator difficult questions.

Festival Dates October 5 - 11, 2012
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