Brave Festival, Against Cultural Exile (Brave Festival Przeciw Wypędzeniom z Kultury)

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Country and Region PolandDolnoslaskie
Type of Festival Drama, Music
Location of Festival Wroclaw, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
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Song of the Goat Theatre
Brave Festival
Purkyniego 1
50-155 Wrocław, Poland

Festival Description

The Brave Festival presents artists in touch with their traditions and sensitivity—who have the courage to continue or reconstruct their traditions and search for their roots. We must realize that the existing traditions, songs and spiritual legacy of many cultures is being flooded and sunk by empty and passing attitudes, by commercial and kitschy goods.

The sunken, forgotten and lost songs are happening everywhere, and that is why the festival welcomes performers from Europe, Asia and Africa as well. The festival events will come under four themes: performing arts, film, an academic conference and exhibitions. An important part of the first and most extensive theme of performing arts will be polyphonic singing, an ancient tradition present in many parts of the world. We will hear polyphonies from Sardinia, Russia, Macedonia and Georgia. The performers will include a unique group of Sardinian artists who will present a program of archaic laments and liturgical songs from the region of Barbagia.

The Brave Festival concerts will also feature songs from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Russia (Sakha Republic, Irkutsk District), presented by musicians and ethnomusicologists who have devoted part of their lives to preserving dying musical heritage. They will include a group of Moroccan artists—Roudaniat—who have continued the tradition of Berber singing for many years. They sing to the accompaniment of drums and dulcimers, and the song lyrics usually describe daily life as well as social and religious events.

Festival Dates July 2 - 8, 2011
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Festival Story:

Brave Festival is an exceptional venture dedicated not only to extraordinary artistic events but also to people of great courage who use their art to speak up about themselves, their identity, spirituality and origins. It presents vanishing, marginalized and displaced artistic traditions from all around the world, and is open to genuine models of living, thinking and creating in the world dominated by the culture of media and consumption.

Brave offers a unique opportunity to meet those who do not consent to being pushed away from their own traditions and sensibility; those who have the courage to continue or reconstruct their tradition, and who go in search of their roots. The quest of the Brave Festival is to acquaint us all with forgotten or dying traditions and it aspires to making us all aware of what incredible cultural and spiritual richness can be lost if it is not acknowledged and supported. We hosted artists from Laos, Sri Lanka, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Spain, Armenia, Russian republics, Ukraine and other countries.

Furthermore, beginning in 2006, we shall be donating the festival box office takings to an organization whose work is dedicated to saving and preserving a traditional culture. We believe that even a tiny amount of money can rescue a living tradition. In 2007 our beneficiary is Rokpa International who is leading cultural and educational projects in Tibet. The Festival has been granted the patronage of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, President of Wroclaw as well as Polish Committee for UNESCO.


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