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Ekrem Mamutovic Brass Band (Serbia)
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Country and Region GreeceMacedonia and Thrace
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Thessaloniki, Macedonia and Thrace, Greece
Festival Contact Information

Piranha WOMEX
Bergmannstr. 102
10961 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 318 614-30
Fax: +49 30 318 614-10
Email: womex@womex.com

Festival Description

WOMEX takes place over the last weekend of October annually since 1994. WOMEX rotates it location to select cities in Europe who host the festival for one to three year periods. The festival and conference is for artists, directors, producers, and industry insiders who take part and enjoy showcases, networking, conference,film, marketing, trade fair, and an award ceremony. Berlin (1994), via Brussels (1995), Marseille (1997), Stockholm (1998), Berlin (1999, 2000), Rotterdam (2001), Essen (2002, 2004), Newcastle (2005), Sevilla (2003, 2006 to 2008) to Copenhagen (2009 to 2011), and Thessaloniki (2012).

Festival Dates October 17 - 21, 2012
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Artist feature 2012:
  • Janusz Prusinowski Trio (Poland)
    • Janusz Prusinowski Trio is a group of musicians who have learned from village masters of central Poland and who follow in their traditions – but they are also an avant-garde band with their own characteristic sound and language of improvisation. They combine music with dance and the archaic with the modern. The Trio’s unique style is the result of their attempt to find new ways of interpreting the most important elements of village music from central Poland. It brings together mazurkas – sung, played, danced to, improvised live – and modern man. What new quality can be given to archaic and seemingly simple melodies and rhythms without resorting to trendy sample mixing? It turns out that traditional music of Polish villages can be a reference point for a variety of genres: reminiscent of Chopin in its melodic pattern and the use of rubato, sharing a love of improvisation with blues and jazz, evocative of contemporary music in its tone, and possessing the expres- siveness of rock music.
    • For additional information
      http:/www.myspace.com/januszprusinowskitrio http:/www.youtube.com/user/prusinowskitrio
      Email: prusinowski3@gmail.com


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Practical Info:

Entries for IMEXSA (WOMEX participant) 2012:
  • IMEXSA — Independent Music Exporters South Africa
    • Artists and/or independent music companies have until the deadline of April 30, 2012 to submit their entries online at http://www.imexsa.org.za. For more information, interested parties can email IMEXSA’s spokesperson Renneth Tshisikule at info@imexsa.org.za call +27 011-655-7082 or fax +27 086-655-7519. WOMEX 2012 is yet another avenue that IMEXSA is pursuing to leverage the interests of emerging independent musicians and exporters. WOMEX 2012 is the most important trade show globally and by submitting their entries, South African emerging artists and independent music companies ensure that they are standing themselves in good stead for their musical products to be effectively promoted at a festival that has the potential to kick start their careers on an international level. As in previous years, IMEXSA will continue to ensure that developing exporters and musical professionals benefit from the international expertise offered by influential industry players such as record labels, publishers and established artists at WOMEX 2012. IMEXSA is a non-profit organisation whose core aim is to assist emerging and independent South African musicians to maximise on the international market by creating opportunities, promoting professional exchanges and to increase the number of South African exporters. The organisation also assists up-and-coming exporters and musical professionals to identify trade opportunities at world-renowned events like the PRIMAVERA SOUND (taking place in Spain, Barcelona, from 30 May to 3 June 2012), South by Southwest in Texas, the Reepebahn Festival in Hamburg and MIDEM. IMEXSA has, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry, conceptualised the Independent Music Exporters Development Programme that is designed to equip small and medium enterprises with crucial skills and knowledge to enhance their export capabilities and to expand their businesses internationally.


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