Festival Brezice Group Festival of Early Music (Seviqc Brežice)

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Country and Region CroatiaGrad Zagreb
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Brežice, Dolenjske, Krško, Kamnik, Mengeš, Novo mesto, Postojna, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Trbovlje, Slovenia; Zagreb, Croatia; Pisa, Italy
Festival Contact Information

Seviqc Brežice
Ars Ramovš
Slovenska cesta 1
SI-1000 Ljubljana
Phone: (386) 1-242-0812
Fax: (386) 1-242-08-15
Email: info@k-ramovs.si,

Festival Description

Brežice Group Festival of Early Music — Seviqc Brežice presenting authentic early music concerts that encompass not only various European countries, but also spans the centuries. The concerts are presented in historical architectural venues that create the perfect atmosphere for this rich cultural event.

Festival Dates June 22 - September 7, 2013
Festival Links http://www.seviqc-brezice.si/

Festival Story:

The purpose of the project is to revive the early music scene in Slovenia, and to encourage the performance of Slovene composers of past centuries by internationally recognised artists. The program spans the Middle Ages through the beginning of the 20th Century, and performs authentic early music concerts and presents various shades of music styles from various European countries across the centuries—from the Renaissance to the Romantic era. The concerts take place at more than 20 historical venues, including castles and churches, that are important examples of Slovenia’s architectural and cultural heritage. The Slovene national broadcasting company Radio Slovenija has recorded all of the project’s central concerts since 1997. It also provides recordings of these concerts for exchange through the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).


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