Turkish State Theatres Sabancı International Adana Theatre Festival

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Country and Region TurkeyAdana Province
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Adana, Adana Province, Turkey
Festival Contact Information

Devlet Tiyatroları Sabancı Uluslararası Adana Tiyatro Festivali
Adana Devlet Tiyatrosu
Hacı Ömer Sabancı Kültür Merkezi
01330 Adana, Turkey
Phone: +90 (322) 352 33 55
Fax: +90 (322) 352 68 85
Email: festival@adanadt.gov.tr, or

Festival Description

State Theaters’ Sabanci International Theater Festival, the 15th of which will be organized in 2013, was initiated in 1998 by the cooperation of Sakip Sabanci, world renown industrialist who was honored with a Legion d’honneur medal and Sabanci Trust, a Sabanci Family establishment and since then its progress has continued. The festival, which started on a national level in 1998, acquired international qualities in a short time. The organization, with its second stage being organized in Istanbul since 2005, finds the opportunity to stage a play first at Sabanci University of Istanbul and the second one at Ataturk Cultural Center of Istanbul. The purpose is to have an opportunity to stage the plays for the audiences in Istanbul. Following the State Theaters becoming a full member at ETC in April of 2007, the 2006-2007 board meeting of the convention as well as 2008 project preparation meeting was realized within the organization of Adana festival. The following of the festival by a convention such as ETC, which has an outstanding corporate identity, has further increased the standing of the festival by the European Theater.

There have been 67 foreign companies from various countries that include France, Bulgaria,
Greece, UK, Tatarstan, TRNC, Japan, Germany, Serbia-Montenegro, Russia, Australia, Italy, USA, Romania, Egypt, Switzerland, Denmark, Kyrgyzstan, Israel, Slovenia, Poland, Georgia, Korea, Moldova, Belgium, China, Netherlands, Kosovo, and Spain. The participants include 74 private theater companies, 17 Municipality Theater troupes, 60 State Theater troupes have all together staged 240 different plays and 525 performances. The festival reached 337.671 audiences since 1998.

State Theaters and sponsor organization, SABANCI TRUST, attach special importance to the festival in its 15th anniversary. We have therefore taken this opportunity to invite the important companies of the world to our country as our guests. The “15th Adana, International Theater Festival”, which will be realized between the dates of 27th March and 30th of April 2013, besides being an excellent host to the visiting companies as always, we will also be providing a full art program to our guests.

Festival Dates March 27 - April 30, 2013
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Festival Story:

Adana, the fourth largest city of Turkey, is at the same time the center of. This city warms ones heart with all the colors of nature it brings together at the lower slopes of the Taurus Mountains; different shades of orange, and the clear blue of Mediterranean, along with a yellow that radiates warmth.

The deep rooted culture of Adana with its long established history have nurtured many universal artists. Folk singers like Karacaoglan and Dadaloglu, who have made history, and Yasar Kemal, the author whose books have been translated into dozens of foreign languages, along with Yilmaz Guney, winner of Cannes Film Festival award, Abidin Dino, world renown painter and Suna Kan, internationally acknowledged violinist, are only a few of these that come to mind. Art and cultural activities of this city that reared many artists continues intensively. Many activities carried out throughout the year nurtures the art and cultural veins of the social life. State Theaters’ Sabanci International Theater Festival that is organized every year, along with Altinkoza Film Festival and Altinkoza International Art Festival, all have great importance with the attributes they have.


Practical Info:

Invitation to participate 2013:
  • We would like to state that we would be extremely happy to see you, our dear artist friends amongst us, and would like you to kindly accept our invitation, and we look forward to your reply. Please contact us for details.
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