Youth theatrical gathering "DRABYNA" (Ladder) (“Молодіжне театральне збіговисько ДРАБИНА” )

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Country and Region UkraineL'viv oblast
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Lviv, L'viv oblast, Ukraine
Festival Contact Information

“Молодіжне театральне збіговисько ДРАБИНА”
вул. Граб’янки, 5/75, м. Львів 79053
Phone: +38(097)905-39-31
Email:, or

Festival Description

The festival motto for 2010 is “Modern generation. Time. Space. Own vision”. The International theatre festival “Drabyna-2010’s program will include a feature presentation of three separate programs: “Drabyna” will present the best from all young independent Ukrainian theater; present a wide circle of audiences from the community theatre of ”Lviv particularity”; and also will feature the best standards of modern world theatre art.
1. International “Drabyna”
2. Ukrainian “Drabyna”
3. “Drabyna” in Lviv - І Festival of the Lviv young theater ”Yayce“

Taking part in the festival is very simple. All interested people are invited! Complete the on-line request form and send a video-appearance! The deadline for being accepted to the festival: September, 16, 2009 For more information contact:
Art workshop & festival Drabyna
Phone +38 097 905 39 31
ICQ 382-554-573
Online at

Festival Dates November 25 - 28, 2010
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