Zero Budget Festival

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Country and Region PolandDolnoslaskie
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Wrocław, Dolnoslaskie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

Agnieska Kazimierska
Instytut im. Jerzego Grotowskiego
Rynek-Ratusz 27,
50–101 Wroclaw
Phone/fax: (0048) 71 34 34 267
Phone/fax: (0048) 71 34 45 320

Festival Description

What world do we live in?

What is our world?
What is my world?
What are its limits?

In this world, what, then, leads my actions?

We are an international group of actors, musicians, scholars, dancers, and above all, individuals, exploring the questions of human existence within the field of theater. We are looking for ways of relating to ourselves, to one another, and to our processes – ways that expand the possibilities of our actions in the human community, within a living universe.

Segmentation, fragmentation, privatization (whether in solitude or within a clan), and the consequent hardening and narrowing of perception, presence and action increasingly isolate living beings from one another and from their environments.

Creative processes are unavoidably influenced by their times and surroundings. At times, this can lead to a distortion of creative intent, especially when self interest, profit, or power come into play. This game of social forces requires constant dialogue between ourselves and society - a dialogue which shapes not only our daily relations but also greater social phenomena, often causing rigidity in our thoughts, bodies and perceptions. However, we believe it is possible for our creative processes to develop without corruption of their original intent.

We are seeking contact with people who are searching for something other than their own self-interest or profit. We need to come together, meet with others, and witness one another jump beyond simple monadic survival. We seek to create a focused gathering in which we can strive to understand the intentions that drive each participant’s artwork or event. Under these circumstances, how can we face one another and touch the very matter of human life in our time and space? How can we be actively present in our surroundings, and not simply passive spectators of our times?

Festival Dates October 29 - November 12, 2009
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Festival Story:

Zero Budget Festival proposes a crossroads in which people from different disciplines can meet on the basis of the intentions and realities of their work, rather than on the basis of how their discipline has come to be defined by society. The Festival aims to open contacts and to create a ground for understanding, both within and beyond professional and artistic borders.

Zero Budget Festival invites artists, scholars, and all those interested in actively approaching society, culture or the individual to propose creations, endeavors, and works in the spaces offered by the Festival. These groups and individuals are welcome to join a common striving to understand art as an act that emanates from a search for content and meaning. Zero Budget Festival is open to events not necessarily related to theatre, including poetry readings, music presentations, concerts, film projections, symposia and study groups. Zero Budget Festival also welcomes people involved in environmental, educational, health, or social work, as well as rural or urban development — in short, all those seeking a living response to and relation with their times and surroundings.


Festival Events:

Participants 2009:
  • Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards (Italy)
  • Uniwersytet Powszechny im. Józefa Lipskiego (Poland)
  • I Piedoni dell’Aria (Italy)
  • Teatr Krzyk (Poland)
  • Teatr Snów (Poland)
  • Teatr Uhuru (Poland)
  • j33tre (Italy)
  • Seyyar Sahne (Turkey)
  • AlmaKalma (Greece)
  • Teatr Realistyczny (Poland)
  • Alfredo Zinola and Hyun Jin (Germany)
  • Terminus A Quo (Poland)
  • Alessandro Mengali (Italy)
  • Witkace (Poland)
  • Stephanie Lupo (France)
  • Wojtek Ziemilski (Poland)
  • Studium Teatralne (Poland)
  • Stajnia Pegaza (Poland)
  • Teatr Brama (Poland)
  • Teatr Lustra Strona Druga (Poland)
  • Stajnia Pegaza i Teatr Brama (Poland)


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