Mostar Intercultural Festival (Mostarski Interkulturalni Festival)

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Country and Region Bosnia and HerzegovinaBosniac-Croat Federation
Type of Festival Drama, Music
Location of Festival Mostar, Bosniac-Croat Federation, Bosna i Herzegovina
Festival Contact Information

Mostarski Interkulturalni Festival
Ul. Lacina 6
88 000 Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina
Phone: +387 036 552 039
Fax: +387 036 552 185

Festival Description

MIF is a multi-media festival of performances, exhibitions, happenings, music, sound visual installations, video and cinema, urban interventions, animation, workshops, solidarity and engagement with the aim of supporting the infiltration of cultural, artistic and socially engaged activities in the urban life and creating the ground for meetings of young artists and activists.

Festival Dates June 25 - 30, 2009
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Festival Story:

In November 1993, the Stari Most, the “Old Bridge” that spanned the River Nerevta which gave this city its name was destroyed by mortar fire in one of the most drawn out battles of the Balkan Conflict. The bridge that had, since the Ottoman Empire stood—symbolizing the co-operation between East and West in the region could not withstand the bloody, hate-fueled conflict of the late 20thC.

When Spanish and British UN troops began to erect a temporary bridge in 1994 it was meant to be a symbol of Mostar’s re-emergence and re-birth. Truth be told, it was just a roadway, it was a seemingly healing step for the deeply divided city. The problem was, no-one was building bridges between the individuals who had weathered the fighting, survived and chose to remain in their city.

Enter the Mostar Intercultural Festival. A group of Dutch and French volunteers arrived shortly after the cease-fire to begin the long, hard work of reconciliation. Soon arts organizations began in France and Spain that were solely dedicated to beginning the arduous task of making the world aware of the progress in the former Yugoslavia. European NGOs such as Drugi Most from Grenoble and Guernica from Tolouse as well as Italian and Spanish companies, together with Mladi Most (“Young Bridge”) a workshop space that promotes inter-cultural co-operation for youth reconciliation are members of the federation that run the Festival each year.

The Festival’s mission is to create co-operation, to create an understanding and hopefully a respect between the vastly different peoples of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mostar is the home of a traditional Bosnian music called Sevdah—an Arabic word that means “Love, desire, ecstasy;” the Intercultural Festival is ALL ABOUT inspiring those feeling in its participants and its audience.


Practical Info:


The Youth Cultural Center OKC Abrašević
Many locations around the town of Mostar


Entrance to all events free


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