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Country and Region CanadaOntario
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Maxine Heppner
Email: acrossoceansinfo (at) gmail (dot) com

Festival Description

The choreographers and their dancers move from a weekend of intensive non-stop creation in the 26.2 hours of the choreomarathon, into a moment of sharing with the public. Choreographic Marathon© takes place at PWYC, Scotiabank Theatre at Pia Bouman Studios, 6 Noble St. Parkdale, Toronto, Canada.

Festival Dates December 17 - 19, 2012
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Festival Events:

Call for proposals 2012:
  • Deadline is mid October 2012
  • Propose now for early acceptance
  • Intensive professional training: for dance artists — established & emerging, all genres, development, feedback, process, mentoring, video, studio show and later follow-up.
  • For more information, proposal criteria and application information con act or visit
Intensive workshop 2012:
  • Across Oceans Maxine Heppner will mentor 4 groups of choreographers and their dancers over 26.2 hours of creative flow, discovery, creation and performance. Jessica Runge, Susan Lee and Takako Segawa will assist as coaches. The choreographic marathon runs for 26.2 hours as a away to learn the Art of the Possible in a shared community pulling each other along not because it’s easy, but because it is hard, going deep inside yourself and drawing on inner creativity and strength that you might have never known even existed.
  • Bring an idea & Run with it for 26 hours 385 seconds & beyond. Work with your own ideas within your own creative process. Break blocks. Move work forward. Build creative stamina. Hit the wall and find out what is at the other side. Come with material to test, twist, develop, cut, reflect, refashion, reason, rescue and refine. Share feedback and take it immediately back into the studio. Wrestle with angels. Play with demons. End with a work possibly unlike anything else you’ve created or performed before.
  • About Maxine Heppner — she has been a mentor and teacher of choreographic process for professionals and students for over 30 years in Canada and worldwide. “A fine fine choreographer and she goes for it”, says the Globe and Mail. She developed the choreographic marathon to extend the contemporary dance quest to go beyond personal boundaries to discover deep personal creative resources.
  • Assistants
    Assisting in mentoring are senior dance artists Jessica Runge “tremendous breadth and depth”, Susan Lee “a tour de force” and Takako Segawa“compelling” “Maxine’s work became translucent through her.”


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