V International Festival of Theatre of the MER.CO.SUR “Atahualpa Del Cioppo”

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Country and Region UruguayPaysandú
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Paysandú, Paysandú, Uruguay
Festival Contact Information

Theatre of the MER.CO.SUR “Atahualpa Del Cioppo”
Montevideo 829,
60000 Paysandú, Uruguay
Phone: (00598) 7238355
Mobile: (00598) 98898393
Email: tateapay@yahoo.com, or

Festival Description

The theatre festival is a showcase of international theatre for all ages and interests with a variety of performances that include: Theatre, Puppets, Dance Theatre, Monologues, Mimes, and more… The festival does not have a competitive character to the program, nevertheless the groups are selected by the host organization committee.

Festival Dates October 9 - 20, 2008

Practical Info:

Participant’s information 2008:
  • Applications due between May 15 and August 15, 2008
  • Open to artist who possesses a spectacle destined to public for adults and children in the choices: Theatre, Puppets, Dance Theatre, Monologues, Mimes, etc.
  • The event does not have a competitive character. Nevertheless the groups that wish to participate will be selected beforehand by a committee, which will retain the right to send invitations to and/or the spectacles that are chosen to participate.
  • Spectacles for adults and spectacles for children will be selected. These will have the obligation to be presented the date and time that the organization designs.
  • The host organization will take charge of the stays of the casts with their lunches and dinners.
  • Transportation of the casts as well as the scenery and other technical devices to the city of Paysandú will be their responsibility, coming or going to their origin country or other. Only in case of the casts coming from outside of the Latin American continent will the organization will be responsible for traval from Montevideo to the city of Paysandú.
  • In the case of the casts that are coming from long distances, the Festival organization will arrange a percentage or minimal stipend, compensating the moving expenses.
  • The organization will work with the artists to provide paperwork for the embassies of the countries that participate, as to collaborate with the groups seeking economical support for travel from their country to Uruguay.
  • The organization will arrange small tours for the participating groups. The groups that will take part in tours will arrange the economical conditions with their hosts. The organization will seek to guarantee both food and hosting expenses.
  • Each cast will assign a delegate to correspond with the host organization—through whom all the needs and requirments of the groups will be reached. At the same time the delegate will serve as the informative link between the host organization and the group.
  • The casts will need to adapt to the conditions of the auditorium. They will be sent the sizes of the auditoriums and the technical devices that it possesses. Therefore, each cast should provide information in advance about its technical needs: lights, sound, music, etc. and provide this information to the host organization.
  • The following technical file information is requested by the host organization:
    • Name of the company or group
    • Name of the director
    • Name of the play and duration
    • Name of the Author
    • Cast: (name of actors and characters of each)
    • Summary of the play
    • Choice of the spectacle (monologue, mime, etc.) and public
    • Number of people traveling to Paysandú
    • Establish if the group is interested or not in participating in the tours that will be proponed by the organization
    • Full name of the legal representative of the company or group
      Identity Document (DNI, Passport, etc.) Full address, telephone number, fax, email, etc.
    • Time required to set up lights, scenery, etc.
  • Enclosed material to the technical file:
    • Summary of the play, photographs, background of the group, resume periodistic material, reviews, awards of the play and the group, posters, programmes, etc. If necessary send a video for better evaluation.
  • IMPORTANT: All this material should be sent by post mail to the following address before the 15th August 2008, closing date.


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