Free Dance (Vilnyi Tanets)

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Country and Region UkraineKiev oblast
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Dnipropetrovsk, Dnipropetrovs'k oblast; Kiev, Kiev oblast, Ukriane
Festival Contact Information

Vilnyi Tanets
Zaporizke Rd 4, Apt. 279
Dnipropetrovsk, 49107
Phone: +3-8-056-371-0-971

Festival Description

Free Dance Festival will begin in Dnipropetrovsk and move to Kiev. The events of the Festival will be organized on the best theatrical grounds of Dnipropetrovsk and Kiev and will include not only spectacles and performances, but also various informational and educational projects, discussions, press conferences, presentations of editions which have demonstrated the widest interest to contemporary art as a whole, and contemporary dance in particular.

For more than half a century Centre of Contemporary Dance and Performance Other Dances has been in the mainstream of the global artistic process gathering thousands of viewers the world over. In Ukraine it is just gaining its force as an independent cultural phenomenon which is an antipode to mass pop culture. Even more than ever, “Free Dance” is intended to involve all of its participants and viewers into an actual process of broadening the possibilities, and erasing artificial borders. The Festival participants and viewers will be people from different countries and regions, having different abilities. Apart from dance spectacles, the Festival Performance Programme will include new forms of dance performances, while the Educational Platform will include the workshops. New possibilities are offered for the Ukrainian dance community—including a dialogue between journalists and Contemporary Art professionals; for contacts between people having different physical abilities; belonging to different nationalities and religions; of different professional status, adults and children.

Festival Dates May 16 - 18, 2008
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Festival Story:

The organizer of the festival is the Centre of Contemporary Dance and Performance Other Dances. The Festival is traditionally supported by the French Cultural Centre, Embassy of France, its events having already become an inseparable part of the FRENCH SPRING IN UKRAINE. The Festival events are also supported by the Embassies of such countries, as Germany, Israel, Sweden, USA, the German Cultural Centre, i.e. Goethe Institute, Swiss Cultural Programme UKRAINE PRO-HELVETIA, Swedish Institute, Dance Theater Workshop with major support from the Trust Mutual Understanding, Polish Institute, Korea Arts Council, Foundation of Japan, as well as by the Agency of Dance Theatres TSEH (Russia) with the major support of the Ford Foundation.


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