One-page Play Festival

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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival New York, New York, USA
Festival Contact Information

John Chatterton
John Chatterton Presents, Inc.
347 West 36th Street, 13th Floor
New York, NY 10018 USA
Phone: +01 212-279-2504

Festival Description

The Where Eagles Dare One-page Play Festival featured 40 plays by almost as many playwrights, performed in 2 sessions of about 90 minutes each in the Where Eagles Dare studio theatre. We had enough space and staff to organize it smoothly, and a 6-hour tech rehearsal to familiarize the players with the space and our staff with the plays. And we sold out each show! There will be another Where Eagles Dare One-page Play Festival, hard on the heels of the first (2009). So be prepared to sharpen that pencil and prepare another script.

Festival Dates February 21 - 22, 2010

Practical Info:

Participant’s information 2010:
  • Send no money!
  • Deadline: Email your script in Word format only by March 7, 2009 to
  • Production dates are March 21 - 22. 2010. Performances will be Saturaday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 7:00pm, with a tech rehearsal in the afternoon. Each play will be performed once. These dates leave you no time for second thoughts — better get cracking!
  • Plays should fit on 1 page only, in standard playscript format. Standard playscript format for us means the characters’ names in the middle, with stage directions indented, in 12 pt Times Roman with 1-in. margins all round. There should be a blank line above each centered character name. Add a title page with your name on it, the title of the play, contact info, and copyright notice.
  • You produce your play, recruiting a director and cast, paying for rehearsal space, etc. (Where Eagles Dare will give you a hefty discount if you rehearse here.) Your play, if chosen, will go into 1 of 2 programs of about 20 other 1-page plays each, for a total of 40 plays.
  • Where Eagles Dare will promote the Festival, but you should too.
  • Tickets for anyone but the playwright are $20. The playwright is comped, natch (to the program that contains his/her show only). (If we don’t have enough seats to accommodate all patrons, we might seat playwrights for the half of the program in which their plays appear. Tell all your friends and relatives to buy tickets in advance — we intend to sell out!)
  • There will be no Equity showcases. There will be no reserved comps except press. There will be no reservations except for tickets sold in advance through SmartTix.
  • Where Eagles Dare will endeavor to publish your play, unless you decline to do so, in one volume, one page each, at no charge to the playwright. (Royalties will be paid.) So get that one-page play in to the second Where Eagles Dare One-page Play Festival right away! Time’s a-wasting!
  • Contact Information: John Chatterton
    Phone: +01 212-279-2504


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