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Country and Region United StatesCalifornia
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival San Francisco, California USA
Festival Contact Information

Christina Augello, board president 156 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94102 USA
Phone: +01 (415) 931-1094
Email: mail@divafest.info

Festival Description

A women’s theater festival celebrating womanhood from minx to matriarch, virgin to vamp. Divafest emblazones EXIT Theatre’s four stages for two weeks of plays, solos, cabarets, comedy, dance, photography and film, all “with a female persuasion” created by a bevy of the very finest post modern prima donnas.

Festival Dates May 9 - June 1, 2013
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Festival Events:

Programming 2013:
    • You’re Going to Bleed, by Melissa Fall, directed by Claire Rice
      May 9 - June 1, 2013
      $10 previews
      $15 - 25 sliding scale
      You’re Going to Bleed is an All-American black comedy about fantasies, sex and revenge. Out in foggy suburbia marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Anne wants to have sex, but her husband, John, won’t because it’s her “time of the month.” John is having fantasies inspired by The Crucible about his teenage pupil, Abigail. Abigail is having fantasies about being the central character and getting her own monologue. Anne’s sister Helen married Grahame because he looks like Hugh Grant. Before the play comes to a close there will be a haunting, a glass unicorn will shatter, a dinner party will come to a violent end, and someone is going to bleed. You’re Going to Bleed is about what’s fair and unfair and what truly divides the sexes. You’re Going to Bleed is a manifesto, an angry fist being shaken at the canon of American dramatic literature. It’s also drop-dead funny, outrageously grotesque, phenomenally unexpected, and unsettlingly honest. You’re Going to Bleed is a play, acted out live, in a theatre for you to watch.
    • The Helen Project, by Megan Cohen and Amy Clare Tasker, and directed by Amy Clare Tasker
      May 10 & 11 (first edition)
      May 24 & 25 (second edition)
      $10 Tickets
      The Helen Project zooms in and out of the bedroom and the mind of the most beautiful woman in the world. Creators Megan Cohen and Amy Clare Tasker will test their new Build-Your-Own-Helen Play Kit, constructing two different editions of the modular text to be performed over two weekends at DIVAfest. Images of Helen from Homer and Marlowe, from modern poetry, and even ripped from the headlines of our contemporary tabloids turn in a kaleidoscope of original and found text. We glimpse fleeting portraits of this mythic woman as each edition twists the mirrors to reflect a new Helen. Like the text, Helen herself is fragmented. Five women – all Helen – crowd a bedroom, each making a decision that will change her life. Five Helens look into a mirror, asking, “is this the face that launched a thousand ships?”
    • Rebel Without A Bra: A Burlesque Cabaret, created and curated by Red Velvet and If-n-Whendy, and Directed by Amanda Ortmayer
      May 11 - June 1, 2013
      $15 - 25 sliding scale
      Featuring Sean Owens, If-N’-Whendy, Red Velvet, Bunny Von Tail, Laika Fox, Josie Starre, Shimmies Galore, and Angelica Zanpatin-Solis. After a year of performing to sold-out houses at the EXIT, the co-artistic directors of DIVA or Die Burlesque (If -N’-Whendy and Red Velvet) bring you Rebel Without A Bra: A Burlesque Cabaret. Join us for an enticing experience combining theater, cabaret, and burlesque in this unique and sensual evening of entertainment. Learn about women in burlesque history through the eyes, ears, and reminisces of some of its most fascinating participants. From the sultry stage presence of Victorian lovelies in tights, to the French cancan, through the classical age of burlesque beauties, to the current neo-burlesque genre, you will leave wanting more. We are also proud to announce the return of DIVAfest’s favorite stealth DIVA, Sean Owens as your tour guide for the evening. This theatrical experience strips away the performer’s inhibitions (and yours) at this year’s annual DIVAfest.
    • DIVAs Tell All, curated by Catherine Debon
      Performance Art Showcase curated by Erica Blue
    • Songwriter Saturdays, curated by Melissa Lyn
    • Reading & Book Signing with author Erika Atkinson
    • Symposia series focusing on women in the arts
    • Closing Champagne Brunch with the DIVAs


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