Bratislava Puppet Theatre (Bratislavské bábkové divadlo)

Images of Chu Chin Chow; and Little Mermaid. Photos courtesy of Bratislava Puppet Theatre
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Country and Region SlovakiaBratislava
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia
Festival Contact Information

Bratislavské bábkové divadlo
36 Dudnajska St.
811 08 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
Phone: (421) 02-52-63-82-27
Fax: (421) 02-52-63-47-38

Festival Description

“All adults were children at first ….“ We call them “small“ though we should call them “super“ heroes. A super hero is the one of unlimited possibilities. Being able to transpose in a second or change the surrounding world according to any wishes. Being small and tiny, day after day, without any difficulty they are winning over the gravitation. They think in super sizes and nothing is impossible or inconceivable for them.These super heroes are everywhere around us. In the morning we take them to kindergardens and schools, in the evening our house is filed with their adventures. From time to time they come to the theatre to watch how the grown-ups are imitating them. Exactly as the children desire to become adults, so the adults desire to return to their childhood - at least for a while. And that is why we are again and again building up our children´s room on the stage, we are learning how to fly and the younger we become in our imagination, the greater our world becomes for us.

That is why we have decided to dedicate the Fifth Festival of the Bratislava Puppet Theatre to the topic current in any time. The great world of small heroes, as we can see it, has become not only the motto of our festival, but also a tribute to all children — that inexhaustible source of inspiration for every artist.

The Festival of the Bratislava Puppet Theatre has existed since 2005, being held every other year and renomated theatre groups from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Belarus, Russia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Japan have participated in it since then.

Festival Dates June 13 - 16, 2013
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Practical Info:

Invitation to applicants 2013:
  • It is our pleasure to offer this invitation appeal to apply for the participation. The deadline to confirm your interest to take part in our festival is October 30, 2012.
  • The main request for your participation is a puppet performance focusing on any sphere of children´s life, childhood and children heroes. If you are interested, please send your application, DVD of your staging and other requested materials. The programme council of the festival will then suggest the director of the festival to enter the final negotiations with the selected theatres. Bratislava Puppet Theatre will be responsible for the board and accommodation of the festival participants over the three days in which it will be held and and pay the perfomance fee as well. Hoping that our invitation will be challenging for you, we are looking forward to your interest and believe that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you at our festival.
  • Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions or inquiries:


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