New York Gypsy Festival

Stephane Wrembel, photo by J. Elon Goodman
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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival New York, New York USA
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New York Gypsy Festival

Festival Description

The producers of the NY Gypsy Festival, Serdar Ilhan and Mehmet Dede, were instrumental in bringing the New York Gypsy Festival to fruition in 2005 and successive years. Over these years acts presented included Gogol Bordello (US), The New Gipsy Kings (France), Beirut (US), KAL (Serbia), Ivo Papasov (Bulgaria), Balkan Beat Box (US/Israel), Acquariaga Drom (Italy), Watcha Clan (France), Husnu Senlendirici (Turkey) and Kolpakov Trio (Russia), among many others. The festival is the annual pilgrimage to the roots of Gypsy music, dancing and singing.

Festival Dates September 19 - October 5, 2013
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Festival Story:

Each year since 2005 in the full gypsy spirit when we kick off our annual fete we are proud to have hosted hundreds of concerts with the most heartfelt, liveliest, diverse and explosive bands. They have exhibited a touch of the Roma from the deserts of Rajasthan to the plazas of Italy and the villages of Macedonia, we invite performers that are sure to ignite your senses to dance and celebrate our nomadic lives in New York.


Festival Events:

Programming 2013:
  • Thursday, September 19
    • Festival Opening Night Balkan Funk & Jazz featuring ARIFA & NY GYPSY ALL-STARS
  • Saturday, September 21
    • Gypsy Folk & Punk featuring ESCARIOKA & TALUNA
  • Sunday, September 22
    • Film Screening of the Critically Acclaimed “BRASSLANDS” by THE MEERKAT MEDIA COLLECTIVE
    • Afterparty with Live Music featuring FRANK LONDON’S THE KLEZMER BRASS ALL-STARS & SAZET BAND
  • Friday, September 27
    • World Funk & Balkan Jazz featuring TRIBECASTAN
  • Saturday, September 28
    • Django’s Dream: A Gypsy Swing Festival with STEPHANE WREMBEL, KAMLO & ALFONSO PONTICELLO at The Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts at PACE University, 3 Spruce Street, NY, NY, 10038
      Co-presented with Live Sounds
  • Saturday, September 28
    • Hip-Hop/Brass/Improv/Punk featuring YOUNGLOOD BRASS BAND
      Co-presented with CEG and Nolafunk
  • Sunday, October 5
    • From the Desert of Rajasthan, The Birthplace of Gypsy Music RHYTHM OF RAJASTHAN
Artist feature 2013:
  • Stephane Wrembel
    • The artist who performed his original Theme Song “Bistro Fada” for Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris. He’s been called “a revelation” by Rolling Stone. Woody Allen recruited him to score the theme for last year’s smash film Midnight in Paris. To say that French-born guitarist/composer Stephane Wrembel—who learned his craft among the Gypsies at campsites in the French countryside of Fontainebleau—has already had a remarkable career would be an understatement. But this virtuoso, who is now Brooklyn-based, has truly just begun to make his mark as one of the most original guitar voices in contemporary music. On May 15, 2012, Stephane Wrembel delivers Origins, his fifth and most highly anticipated release yet. Presciently titled, the album, which Wrembel recorded with his band—bassist Dave Speranza, rhythm guitarist Roy Williams, drummer Nick Anderson and percussionist David Langlois—finds the multi-faceted musician corralling all of his myriad influences into a hybrid that simultaneously reflects where he’s been and points to where he’s headed. Although he built his reputation as a stylist in the mode of the iconic French Sinti guitarist Django Reinhardt, Wrembel now revels in transcending and expanding. “I’m digging deeper and deeper into my roots,” he says about the album. Although Wrembel certainly loves paying homage to his roots—hence the title Origins—and was happy to oblige when Allen’s producer requested “a work that would remind of the magic of Paris” for the Oscar-nominated Midnight in Paris, he is in no way bound to his own past. Origins touches upon everything from blues to flamenco to rock; all of these influences come together as something identifiable only as Stephane Wrembel.
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