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Country and Region IrelandDublin
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
Festival Contact Information

DEAF - Dublin Electronic Arts Festival
Karen Walshe
5 Moore Street
Dublin 1, County Dublin
Phone/fax: (353) 1-8728-933

Festival Description

The Dublin Electronic Arts Festival/DEAF celebrates its 7th year as a showcase of electronic arts in Dublin. Since its inception in 2002, DEAF’s artistic remit has widened considerably, moving beyond the confines of its roots in club culture. Nonetheless, the festival has succeeded in remaining true to its core ethos: to focus on the experimental, and to promote a genuine inclusiveness in its approach to showcasing the electronic arts to new audiences in Ireland. There is focus on the participatory this year, with talks, screenings and an adult music workshop facilitated by local collective !Kaboogie. DEAF Junior, our children’s workshop programme, will visit some of Dublin’s disadvantaged areas offering kids of all ages an opportunity to experiment with new music technology.

Festival Dates October 21 - 31, 2009
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Festival Story:

D.E.A.F. is a festival dedicated to showcasing Irish/International electronic musicians and artists in venues around Dublin. The principle aim is to provide a platform for acts and events that would normally be sidelined by financial contraints of other festivals.


Festival Events:

Featured artist 2009:
  • Pierre Bensusan has been comissioned a composition piece for the next 2009 Dublin Electronic Arts Festival. Pierre will write, record and perform a solo guitar piece that will be then be rearranged, recorded and performed for electronic music.
    • One of the most eloquent and diverse world musicians of our time, guitarist and composer Pierre Bensusan is embarking on a tour of Ireland in May 2009. Voted Best World Music Guitar Player by readers of US Guitar Magazine in 2008 Pierre’s 2009 tour will visit all four counties and features new works that will be recorded in his next solo instrumental album (released in 2010) as well as a selection of pieces contained in his two latest albums “Intuite” and “Altiplanos”. Pierre is a guitarist, singer and composer, who constantly explores the depth of his own voice in a way that transcends his instrument. He is considered “One of the most unique and brilliant acoustic guitar veterans in the world music scene today.” The Los Angeles Times (USA)
    • His compositions often start with melodies inspired by various folk traditions that he then develops into compositions of astonishing complexity, creating beautiful and sensuous sounds with a sense of orchestration that goes far beyond what is generally thought of as guitar music. His pieces commonly feature syncopated rhythms, unusual time signatures, and complex harmonic structures. Any guitarist who has tried to learn one of his tunes will attest to the technical challenges presented by his music. Yet mastering difficulty is never the point; what interests Pierre is the greater challenge of creating artful statements from his brand new Signature model guitar designed by Northern Irish luthier, George Lowden. Pierre is delighted to return to Ireland. He first performed here in 1977 and returns regularly. Ever since he heard Planxty at his first folk festival in 1973, Pierre has been inspired by Ireland and strains of Irish music can be heard along with links to both his North African origins and classical music in much of his music. For more about Pierre Bensusan visit
International Line-up 2009:
  • Plaid (Live Classics Set, Warp, UK)
  • Soap & Skin (Austria)
  • Aux 88 (live, Mad Scientist Tour 2009, USA)
  • Tim Exile (Warp, Live UK)
  • Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (USA)
  • Mountains (USA)
  • Surgeon (UK)
  • Clark (Warp, Live UK)
  • Dam Funk (Stones Throw, US)
  • Sunken Foal (Irl)
  • Ulrich Schnauss(Ger)
  • Toshimaru Nakamura (Jap)
  • David Rodigan (Kiss FM – Real Authentic Reggae UK)
  • Crash Ensemble (Irl)
  • Bill Brewster [DJ History / Low Life - UK]
  • Somadrone (Irl)
  • David Holmes (N.Irl)
  • Cristian Vogel (live, UK)
  • Planetary Assault Systems (Live,, UK)
  • Grouper (USA)
  • Grovskopa (Sweden)
  • Spatial Music Collective (Irl)
  • Spilly Walker (Irl)
  • Twin Kranes (Irl)
  • Roger Doyle (Irl)
  • Seán Óg (Irl)
  • Andy Votel (UK)
  • Vaughan Oliver / Graphic designer (UK)
  • Like A Tim (live, NL)
  • Beardyman (UK)
  • Legion of Two (live, Irl)
  • Quiet Music Ensemble (Irl) with guest artist David Toop (UK)
  • The Judith Mok Hamsa Ensemble (Irl)
  • Chip Shop Music (Martin Kuchen, Erik Carlsson, Paul Vogel & David Lacey - Swe & Irl)
  • Hardfloor (live, Ger)
  • Projector Collective (Irl)
  • !Kaboogie (Irl)
  • 16 Hertz & Johnny Oakley (Live, Irl)
  • 303 (Irl)
  • 3epKano (Irl)
  • Aciitone (Irl)
  • Adam Kelly (Irl)
  • African and Irish Animation Programme
  • Ahmed El-Shaer (Egypt)
  • Alan Lambert (Irl)
  • Alexander Tucker (ATP Recordings)
  • Alicia Frankovich (NZ)
  • and many, many more…


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