Guatemala Festivals

Alta VerapazGuatemalaTotonicapán

Alta Verapaz

National Flolkloric Festival (Festival Folklórico Nacional)MusicJuly 19 - 23, 2006


Festival ManifestaRteDance, Drama, MusicNovember 22 - 23, 2008
Festival of the Historical Center (Festival del Centro Histórico)Dance, Drama, MusicAugust 4 - 15, 2011
Festival of the Marimba Paiz (Festival de la Marimba Paiz)MusicSeptember 25, 2011
Gala of the Guatemalan Song (Gala de la Canción Guatemalteca)MusicSeptember 3, 2011
International Choreographers' Showcase (Guatemala)DanceJune 21 - 22, 2013
International Dance Festival Antigua-GuatemalaDanceJuly 15, 2011
International Festival of Paiz Culture (Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz)Dance, Drama, MusicFebruary 6 – 22, 2009


Festival of Folkloric Dance of Totonicapan (Festival de Danzas Folklóricas de Totonicapán)Dance, Music

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