Festival Celebration: 10,000 Stories

Photo by Rob Watkins — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Why do we create art? Why do we go to festivals? Simple: when art and audiences come together we have the chance to learn something about ourselves, each other, our world, and our spirit. Coming together is a celebration of our shared journey.

Put another way: life can be hard and full of obstacles, so when you have the opportunity to celebrate something — you should celebrate!

As KadmusArts.com continues to expand to help serve festivals, artists, and audiences all over the world, we have a chance to celebrate something remarkable.

This week, we posted our 10,000th Culture News story!  Everyday, we bring you news stories about festivals, performances, technology’s intersection with the arts, and at least one story to make you smile.

The KadmusArts daily Culture News feature is just one of the free and open features on the website to help audiences find every festival in the world; to help artists connect to festivals; and, to help festivals promote their work.

All of these stories are archived, searchable, and accessible for updating. In other words, thanks to our users, KadmusArts is collecting a day by day picture of arts and culture all over the world.

To help celebrate we have introduced a new feature: a rolling Twitter feed on our home page, right next to the Culture News, so that you can see what’s happening in the festival world right now, 24/7.  No matter who is posting about festivals on Twitter, KadmusArts shows you in real time.

Did you also know that artists now have another new way of promoting their work on the site? Be sure to let every artist you know(!) take advantage of the Artist “Add Your Story” tool to spread the word, and to spread the art!

As long as we are celebrating, make sure that we are celebrating YOU: festivals, artists, fans, and adventurous cultural travelers. Do keep adding to KadmusArts.com to make sure the site has current dates, the latest festival and artist information, and new photos. And remember to share your digital interviews with the players. The more the festival community adds to the site, the better the festival community is served — and connected.

Every day, we receive emails thanking us for providing this online All Festival platform. We love getting those notes. As a small team in a small studio in a small state (Vermont), we grow large by your help in letting everyone you know learn about us. Thanks to our sponsors and daily users, KadmusArts.com has become the leading portal on the web for access to every dance, music and theatre festival in the world!

There’s another to reason to celebrate!

- Bill Reichblum

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