Today’s Youth Slogan (via Dire Straits): I Want My I.T.

What do the youth of Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States have in common? It’s not dating techniques, nor dress code, nor agreement on the worst high school class. What they do all agree about is something much more significant: television is boring.

This week, in one study released by IDC and RKM on the youth of Brazil, Russia, and the United States, and one by Ofcom on the youth of the U.K., television viewing is down and online use is up. Not only are the young moving away from the television, but this trend is far greater than for older watchers and users. (Think about it for a moment: it is more fun to be a user as opposed to a watcher.)Ӭ
The IDC and RKM study notes that being online is considered fun, necessary and convenient; television, on the other hand, is considered inconvenient and boring.

Isn’t that great?

Hope springs eternal for two reasons. As opposed to the passivity of television watching, being online is active entertainment: you search, you jump in, you examine or play, and then you move on to the next search, game, social setting, or site of enlightenment. Even more, you can immediately and directly be integrated into multiple voices — sites and users from all over the world.

Secondly, this is also a perfect description of being part of a festival: search, jump in, examine or play, move on to next search, game, social setting, or site of enlightenment; and, be with others from all over the world.

The more one uses the internet to “travel” online, the more one has the taste - and desire - for cultural travel.

I am sure Mark Knopfler is writing new lyrics right now: “I want my, I want my, I want my I.T.”

- Bill Reichblum

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