Interview: Lucila Teste (English Translation)

Lucila Teste is an Argentine actress, playwright and director. In 1976, when she was only 8 months old, her parents disappeared during the military government. She studied dance and theater and in the year 2000 she moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she continued her acting studies and started writing and directing plays. In January 2009 Lucila came to Buenos Aires to present Hija de la Dictadura Argentina (Daughter of the Argentine Dictatorship), an autobiographical monologue about her life as the daughter of disappeared parents.

In this interview she talks about how she created Hija, the relevance the play had in Spain and its reception among the Argentine audience, her collaboration with the cycle Teatro por la Identidad (Theater for Identity) in Catalonia, and why she considers the play a catharsis both for her and for the audience.

 Interview: Lucila Teste (English Translation) [11:10m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download
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