TED - Ideas Worth Spreading

Photo by Erik Hersman — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

This week the annual TED (technology, entertainment, design) Conference has been giving some great thinkers and doers an opportunity to “give the talk of their lives (in eighteen minutes).”

The tag line for the gathering is “ideas worth spreading.” Courtesy of an old friend, as well as a remarkable thinker and doer of his own, we will do our part.

Maestro Ethan Zuckerman has been providing a running daily blog throughout the conference.

Do take a moment to read what Ethan has been reporting. Highlights include:

Bill Gates on how to reboot society;
Barry Schwartz on the appeal of virtue;
Oliver Sacks on seeing with the mind;
Nicholas Negroponte’s news on One Laptop per Child;
Tim Berners-Lee looks for data;
Elizabeth Coleman (our best guide to academia) on a better way to be educated;
Alex Tabarrok on going high with R&D and low with production;
Jay Walker on the mania for English;
Golan Levin on interactive art;
Rosamund Zander on creative virtuosity;
Nalini Nadkarni sustaining trees, life, and art;
Seth Godin’s tribal idea to change the world;
Elizabeth Gilbert on how not to ruin genius;
The importance of taking a pause; and,
How the internet helps happiness!

Find out about the TED Prize winners, each of whom is selected for being “a leader in his/her chosen field of work with an unconventional viewpoint and a vision to transform the world.” (You can also find here the Wired article on the prize winners posted in KadmusArts’ Culture news, this week.)

What more could one ask for? How about the “Ten Things You Didn’t Know about Orgasms.”

Now, aren’t you glad you read Ethan’s blog today?

- Bill Reichblum

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