10,000 Maniacs: Have Fun, Recycle, and Create Art

We are always on the look-out for the latest in festival fashion, fun and frolics.

A couple of weeks back, we brought you the coolest way to get to a festival: Olivia’s car. Olivia has taken the spirit of festival life and applied it to her daily journeys. The car is an ongoing work of art with the participation of anyone who wants to add their own artistic signature (word, drawing, quotation, or new phrasing of what’s already there). Wherever it is driven or parked, the car brings a smile.

Here’s another reason to smile: 10,000 audience members will create a work of art by recycling the garbage generated during a festival.

The Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival has a green solution to the garbage generated by the audiences at the festival. Last year, 40 tons of garbage from the festival was put in a landfill. This led Tartan Heart’s Joe Gibbs to think about how to honor the beauty of their festival site and extend the festival’s celebration of art.

This year, during the festival, audiences will be encouraged to recycle. The recycled waste will then be used in the creation of a work of art. The artwork will be the onstage backdrop to the festival finale.

Isn’t that great? Go see art; go have fun; go make art.

A perfect way for festival art to create, inspire, and make the earth a better place.

- Bill Reichblum

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One Response to “10,000 Maniacs: Have Fun, Recycle, and Create Art”

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