Interview: Maya Azucena

Maya AzucenaBrooklyn-based singer/songwriter Maya Azucena is well on her way down the funky soulful road to success.

In this interview we talked with Maya about her travels with Rhythm Road, a cultural diplomacy program that took her to Burma, Sri Lanka, China and the Philippines. We also asked her about the state of the music industry and her upcoming projects.

Maya Azucena has also been kind enough to allow us to feature her new song, Get It Together as a free download for all members of the KadmusArts community - here is what she has to say about it:

GET IT TOGETHER, an offering:
This is a love letter to our past. This is a love letter to our future. I have been to countries where the right to vote is stripped from the people, where their voices are howling in the night, begging the world to hear. We, in America, have gone through a lot to be here today. YOU count. So, listen to this song and consider deeply your right to vote. And do it. Don’t you ever forget your power to affect the world around you. — Maya Azucena

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