Interview: Gonzalo Orihuela and Solange Chapperon

Gonzalo Orihuela and Solange ChapperonGonzalo Orihuela’s childhood years took him from South Africa to Patagonia, Argentina. In this new and different environmental and geographical context, he studied drama and discovered his great passion: Tango dance. Buenos Aires was his next destination, where he started thinking about how to link tango and drama, a goal that he eventually achieved, together with Solange Chapperon, his dance partner. Now they both live and work half of the year in Europe, and half in Argentina.

In their latest visit to the tango capital, Gonzalo and Solange talked with KadmusArts about how they approach tango dance from an acting perspective, and discussed El Sonido de las Caricias (The Sound of Caresses), a dance-theater piece that combines traditional tango with improvisation, sarcasm, irony and humor, as well as their interactive abstract piece iTango.

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