Beta II, On the Verge

We are now preparing for Phase II of the beta test. (In case you are curious, we have planned three phases of beta.) Now that we know the structure of the site works, this next phase will be focused on user experience — from different points of view.

The comments, suggestions, and the occasional yelp (of pleasure, we presume) from the first phase have been incredibly helpful. In the next version, you will see these ideas, along with our own planned roll-outs, incorporated into the site: emphasis on the map; tabs to get you to the top of a page; headlines of festival and content news; fluidity of movement between festival page and other pages.

When we began, all of the information — on festivals, about artists, and with background context — was gathered by our own research. We have now begun to add information provided by you - our stakeholders.

If you work with a festival, you can update any segment of information directly from your festival page by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on

If you are an artist and you and/or your company is going to perform at a festival, you can update any information, including links to your own site, previous reviews, feature stories, photographs, and future plans through

If you are not connected to a festival or artistic company, but have valuable information to add, please do let us know through

Ana Maria has started a great chain in the community forum {} on “Festivals I dream about going to.” Her thoughts are completely captivating and poetic.

Maybe it is not as captivating and poetic, but we will be going to the convention of the Association of Arts Presenters {} in New York. [Another kind of beta-test: my first convention since I stopped smoking.] A good opportunity for more face-to-face feedback from artists and presenters.

Be sure to try your own “yelp” with the next roll-out of the site and let us know how it sounds.

- Bill Reichblum

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One Response to “Beta II, On the Verge”

  1. EthanZ
    January 13th, 2006 22:23

    I’m enjoying my beta test experience and I’ve got lots and lots of thoughts for ways the site might work a bit more smoothly. But I’m very, very impressed by the content you guys have put together. Nice work.

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