Know Your Culture

Yuri Kuklachev

Photo by Kevin Steele — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

A helpful guide to know your culture news:

June is the start of the European and North American summer festival season. As posted in the KadmusArts daily culture news feed, music festivals thrive (“Cash Cow“), theatre festivals create new boundaries (“Robert Wilson’s Island“), and dance knows how to celebrate (“American Dance at 75“).

If politicians need to have culture cred, you, too, can come quickly up to speed on the latest culture trends.Ӭ

Everyday there are posts on the latest news from and about festivals. However, in addition, here are some highlights (for better or worse) of what you need to know to be cultured, selected from a few of June’s posts; or, put another way, if you find yourself being shy at a cocktail party, here’s a great way to start a conversation: Would you believe that…

What’s your story?

- Bill Reichblum

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