Not All Who Wander Are Lost*

What’s the best way to travel to a festival? Or, how do you carry the festival spirit with you wherever you go?

I think our friend Olivia has the answer. She stopped by the other day driving one of the most festive cars on the road. She’s been in Argentina for the last year. She’s on her way to an art course in Italy and Greece. Aside from immediate jealousy of her nomadic life, what we really envy is her car.

Olivia has transformed her car into an ever-changing, anyone-participating, creativity-traveling show.

On the outside, she has created magnets of different sizes which can be rearranged, added, deleted, painted, or written on. Inside, the roof has been transformed into an evolving poster board of images.

It’s hard to resist making up your own poetic lines and figures. In fact, Olivia can be quite disappointed if you don’t add to her communal creation.

Artistic, fun, inviting to all — what could be more festive, or a better way to make an entrance at a festival?

Consider this the festival-smile of the week! Be sure to honk and wave when you see her drive by.

- Bill Reichblum

*Slogan from one of Olivia’s bumper stickers.
Olivia Car 1
Olivia Car 2
Olivia Car 3

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2 Responses to “Not All Who Wander Are Lost*”

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    [...] A couple of weeks back, we brought you the coolest way to get to a festival: Olivia’s car. Olivia has taken the spirit of festival life and applied it to her daily journeys. The car is an ongoing work of art with the participation of anyone who wants to add their own artistic signature (word, drawing, quotation, or new phrasing of what’s already there). Wherever it is driven or parked, the car brings a smile. [...]

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