Everything You Need to Know About Shakespeare

Comedy Mascaron

Photo by Grant Lindsay — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

If “To Be, or Not to Be” is the question, knowing how to perform can be the answer.

So far, we have provided a lesson in how to disco dance, and an example of how to choreograph a love duet (especially if you have an overstock of white shirts and red pants).

Now our new series, When You Are Smiling, continues with a link to everything you need to know about Shakespeare, or “Shakespeare: The Actor’s Art.”

If you want to put the video to a test, be sure to catch a Shakespeare Festival in the coming months. After all, Shakespeare is still one of the best comedians working today.

In the meantime, do send in your video link selections to add to our growing collection of the best in dance, music and theatre videos that — intentionally or not — bring at least a genuine smile, if not outright laughter.


- Bill Reichblum

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