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Wired magazine has created a twelve-step program that makes you smarter.

While the regular audience for Wired might approach this program from a techie point of view, we have a much better path towards intellectual enlightenment and accomplishment.

For this twelve step program, you don’t have to be shamed into action. Here’s the hook: If you go to festivals, you will have fun, and each of the twelve steps is made easy.

Here are Wired’s twelve steps to think about, and KadmusArts’ twelve steps to take:

1. Distract Yourself

Your ability to remember works better when you take your mind off the task.
What better way to distract yourself from your daily grind than to go to any festival in the world?

2. Caffeinate with Care

Java science shows that frequent small doses are better than a few large ones.
Did you know that there are festivals that boast coffee drinking as a perk? (Pun intended.)

3. Choose Impressive Information

The goal is to feed your mind.
A helpful step is the Pick of the Week, be it cool classical, dynamic dance, terrific theatre, or just outdoor wild rock ‘n roll.

4. Think Positive

If you approach new learning with a positive attitude you will learn better.
So, you must positively go to New Work.

5. Do the Right Drugs

How smart is this: don’t listen to anyone but a doctor.
Read about the art of stimulation.

6. Juice Your IQ Score

The more you test yourself, the better you do on tests.
Fortunately, there are festivals that test, too.

7. Know Your Brain

Amygdala, Cortex, Hippocampus, Hyphothalamus, and Thalamus…
…these are not just heavy metal bands.

8. Don’t Panic

The more relaxed you are, the better you think and react in tense situations.
Perfect opportunities to relax are produced by classical music fests.

9. Embrace Chaos

A good mind — and life — comes from a willingness to mix it up.
There are music festivals that give you a mix of all kinds of sounds and styles.

10. Get Visual

Use your imagination to see a problem, or situation, in parts.
New ways of seeing are part and parcel of theatre festivals.

11. Exercise Wisely

No surprise here: a fit mind is helped by a fit body.
Get inspired by some of the fittest bodies, and best minds, at dance festivals.

12. Slow Down

When you slow down, you see, read, and perceive better. You also won’t take life too seriously.
Make the time to travel, see live entertainment, and be part of the culture of your community and our world.

Don’t you feel smarter already? So, where are you going to go now?

- Bill Reichblum

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