Arts Presenters: Greg Sandow

Greg SandowGreg Sandow is a music critic and composer, whose interests encompass not only the creation and analysis of classical music, but also its future. After two decades of success as a classical and pop music critic for The Village Voice, Entertainment Weekly, and The Wall Street Journal, he returned to the world of classical composition, while simultaneously teaching at the Juillard School and the Eastman School of Music. His thoughts on the future of classical music are published on his blog, and form the basis for an upcoming book.

In this podcast, Greg Sandow talks with us about the makeup of the classical music audience, intelligence and complexity as a way of attracting a younger audience, and the rich evolution of the world of contemporary art.

This interview is part of an ongoing series with the Association of Performing Arts Presenters.

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4 Responses to “Arts Presenters: Greg Sandow”

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