Interview: Mia Hanak

Photo: Mia HanakMia Hanak is the executive director of the Natural World Museum, which presents art to engage the public in environmental awareness and action. For her work, she has been nominated as the “Iconic Museum Leader of the Next Generation” by the American Association of Museums and the Getty Leadership Institute. The Museum is embarking on its latest traveling exhibition, Envisioning Change, which opened in Oslo in early June. The exhibition features artists from all over the world, who create work that speaks to environmental issues associated with climate change. The Natural World Museum inspires audiences to think and act on the environmental message of the exhibitions.

Mia talks with us about educating people about climate change through the arts, the Museum’s latest exhibition, and transforming art-fueled inspiration into action.

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One Response to “Interview: Mia Hanak”

  1. Jonathan
    July 11th, 2007 11:29

    great interview. keep up the good work.

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