Sweet (Sounds) All Around

You know spring has really arrived when it’s time to put manure down on the fields. It is not so much irony as a perfect juxtaposition that, as we continue to expand KadmusArts’ technology, when the wind blows in the right direction our studio is filled with the sweet smell of manure from the surrounding fields. Aren’t we all searching for the perfect balance between high-tech and nature?

Our newest tech tool on the site is podcasting. Our interviews are also available on iTunes if you want the option to download any or all of them — for free.

There is a nice connection between our first two interviews: both Brian Pulver and WÅ‚odek Staniewski have been building communities. Brian has one of those ideas which is such a natural extension of the festival spirit that we hope it will be repeated and expanded for many more festivals around the globe. WÅ‚odek’s work has always sprung from a determined integration into a community’s daily life, as well as its art. Check out his book (with Alison Hodge), Hidden Territories for a fascinating account of how this process works.

Building our community is an essential part of the interviews. If you have anyone you think we should interview - let us know. If you would like to send in your own interview for posting, send us the information and we will get back to you.

If you want to continue the “conversation” from the interviews, use our Forum to give feedback and exchange ideas. We’ll be sure to let our interviewees know about any posts so as to invite a direct response to you.

The interviews are another aspect of KadmusArts’ festival possibilities: to build, sustain, and promote the Festival community.

Nice to feel connected to so many — though, aren’t you glad you can’t smell us right now?

- Bill Reichblum

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One Response to “Sweet (Sounds) All Around”

  1. Jaiba-Tu
    July 26th, 2008 14:08

    While successful reggae artists have traditionally hailed from the Rwanda in africa, over the past decade Rwanda native Tuyisenge J Baptiste (pronounced Jaiba-Tu) has delivered some of the most conscious and substantive roots reggae songs to hit the airwaves “The spirit of Jaiba-Tu’s music and dance epitomizes the spirit of Rwandan culture liberation” (culture Voice) and has kept the struggles of the people of Rwanda in the thoughts of against Aids the world over. he done his first songs called Impuruza, Meny’ubuzima talked about against Aids, after he prepared Rwanda Style (talk about of Rwandan Youth, musics and cultures) he teached the Rwandans to love and tell the athers country to knows the Rwandan cultures. Jaiba-Tu have 7 songs like: Impuruza, Mpenzi ,Gihozo, Rwanda Style,Meny’ubuzima Birakabije original, and Birakabije Remix, he became the best artist in all of Rwandans during of the end of 2007 year as he began his talent in his Reggea songs like birakabije, Impuruza and tried his first interview on Radio Rwanda on 28/11/2007 at 8:30 , and has gained popularity on the beginning of 2008 where he was on interview on Radio 10 on 06/01/08 at 01:pm where the many of peoples tried to discuss about his songs like Birakabije. Born into poverty in Rwanda, Jaiba-Tu began his musical career in 2007 as a player of theatre and he tyied to create some groups of traditional and modern cultures,…. after a number of successful gold song, Jaiba-Tu made the monumental transition to “Reggae, but always thinked about Lucky Dube like his teacher of music (as well as Reggea) which he describes as “the one and only way of sending a message to the masses ” Lucky Dube has produced my knowledge of music and talent” said jaiba-Tu, highly his first album contain many of Reggea songs, he is still in studio with his songs like Kora Neza, Garuka Lyidiya,… Always Jaiba-Tu think about his Coutry he like his cultures, his peoples, and his Natures. he need everyone hwo have the good idea to tell him and he want you to support himto go on with the best of Rwandan cultures and songs. on the end you are Welcome on Jaiba-Tu’s site is yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Nitwa Tuyisenge J Baptiste (Jaiba-Tu) , navutse mu 1982 mvukira mu karere ka Muvumba mu ntara y’Umutara, amashuli abanza nayigiye muri ako Karere , mu bihumbi 2000, nibwo natangiye amashuli yisumbuye mucyigo cy’ishuli cyitwa Nyagatare Secondry School, mu bihumbi 2003 nagiye mucyiciro cya kabili cya Segonderi niga Section Lettres Option Litterature mukigo bitaga College Baptiste de Ngarama (CO.BA.NGA) Hello to every body? there is longtime I missed you, then now am coming to tell you about your loved Artist Tuyisenge J Baptiste knows as Jayba-Tu, in his music he still on, because always he know the best of music, on the 25/04/08 at 5:00 till 6:00 he done the other Interview on Radio Flash where the peoples tried to show him that he have a good talent in music, they were call and tell him that he have a good song tell and teach the peoples. On 26/04/08 at 4:00 he was in the show at Alpha palace Hotel in Black and White, he showed the mass that he is a performance he done well where everybody says that no thing to and, he has a new song which is in Kiswahili called Rudi is a best song like Bongo flava songs he played it and the peoples enjoyed it, he is played three songs like Birakabije, Rwanda Style, and Rudi D. J and M C they are happy because of Jaiba-Tu and his Songs. With his love of Cultures of his country Jaiba-Tu continue to his music after that show he is still trying to another, he need to finish his first album called Rwanda Style contain ten (10) songs , I have done a short interview with him he told me like this: John: what is your dream after these two shows? Jay: ok is not finish I have another and I still have what to do in this time, like to meet with other artists to go in studio to see how I can finish my Album. John: which is your song’s message are in studio? Jai: the one talk about homeless children, it speak to the peoples (Riches), about Government, Churches to help those children , the second tell all who say the love to kwon what is love to never lie say that he/she love but she/he have other things she/he need. John: what you tell to your fans? Jay: I tell all my fans to continue because I still have longtime to be over in Kinyarwanda we say Kubaka izina si umukino John: thank you to let me speak with you Jay: thank you and you see you again.

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