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Original Photo by Josué Goge — Creative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

A new app sparks a new way to see festivals.

As posted in KadmusArts’ daily Culture News this week, a new start-up is creating a video sharing tool for festival fans throughout the world. Vyclone is an iPhone and iPad app that can automatically edit individual videos into one movie-like clip.

Imagine all those individual videos easily becoming genuinely social.

We are living through a time of new approaches to festival technologies, community outreach, and online developments. (See My Video, Your Show and Festivals’ Online Revolution.) This app is another game changer for the festival and other live event experience.

The brainchild of David Lassman and Joseph Sumner (son of Sting, and former band member of Fiction Plane), Vyclone holds enormous promise for festival connection. Rather than scrolling through thousands of individual videos of the same event, their approach mashes up multiple views into one seamless video that captures the experience.

Right now the app is limited to only four videos shot from within the same hundred-foot radius and for sixty seconds. However, there’s no doubt the technology underpinning the app will get better, more inclusive and more expansive.

In addition to live events, this kind of easy-to-use technology is also applicable to crowdsourced reporting. And, we know that there are other companies who will soon enter the same space, creating better technology through better competition for users.

The opportunity to edit together multiple shots into one video clip creates a new way to share, a new way to see, and a new way to archive your experience at a festival.

Festival Fans of the World Unite, indeed!

- Bill Reichblum

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