Interview: Erica Pazur

Photo: Erica PazurErica Pazur studied at the School of Performing Arts in Buenos Aires and at the National University Institute of the Arts (IUNA). Her training includes musical theater, improvisation, melodrama and clown and buffoon acting techniques. In 2006 her clown skit “The Music Stand” was presented at multiple Austrian international festivals, including the opening peformance of the Festival der Traume in Innsbruck. She also acted in the 38th edition of the International Encounters for Cultural Diversity, and has just been invited to participate in the 2007 International Theater Festival of Sibiu in Romania. Four of her short plays were presented at the Theater Festival of the Punilla Valley, which takes place every summer in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

In this interview Erica talks about her clown, buffoon and melodrama skits, and about how she created her musical short play “The Box”, which is based on the myth of Pandora’s Box, with music composed by a Greek musician.

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3 Responses to “Interview: Erica Pazur”

  1. Alex Pazur
    April 18th, 2007 15:26


  2. ileana
    May 27th, 2007 14:44

    estamos escuchando esta entrevista y nos estamos riendo porque no entendemos nada jaja., estaras viajando rumbo a rumania y aqui te enviamos la mejor onda!!! me puso muy contenta verte en internet. avisame cuando este hecha tu pagina que todavia no esta.Te quieroooooooooooooo amigaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  3. Katie Pazur
    November 14th, 2007 22:24

    i didn’t know there were so many other Pazurs…

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