Essential Festival Tips: Best of Festival Swag, Trinkets & Takeaways

Guitars T-Shirt

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Don’ t worry about the global economy, government defaults, or self-serving politicians. You deserve to buy a festival keepsake, a memento to help you not only remember the festival, but to keep that festival feeling alive for months to come.

From the festival producers, artists and most especially festival fans on KadmusArts, here’s a list of the best in festival swag, trinkets and takeaways:

  • Bandanas (usually for hipster wannabees, but go ahead)
  • Baseball Jerseys (better to wear a festival jersey than pretend you are a pro athlete)
  • Beer Kozies (old school, but expected attribute of a dorm room)
  • Bottle Openers (see above, “beer kozie”)
  • Bumper Stickers (for the other drivers to think about where else they could be other than in traffic)
  • Condoms (very much new school, but what better way to show your love?)
  • Cups (best way to recycle is to take them home and use again and again)
  • Dog Tags (good for the kids, careful if you’re over 18)
  • Fake Backstage Passes (looks great hanging in a work cubicle)
  • Flutes (similar to those little wooden ones you played as a kid)
  • Frisbees (they do last a long, long time)
  • Golf Towels (ok, a bit upscale, but they do have multiple uses)
  • Gym Shorts (very popular right now, especially for women)
  • Hats (baseball, very American; sun, very practical; visor, very cool; floppy, very hippy; cowboy, very country)
  • Key Chain (old school, but still useful)
  • Knapsacks (carry your memories wherever you go)
  • Masks (you’ll have something for your next dress-up party)
  • Posters (classic)
  • Playing Cards (helps the cool factor no matter where you play)
  • Refrigerator Magnets (always useful, and you get to remember the event every day)
  • Scarf (works well for football clubs & universities, why not festivals, too?)
  • Shot Glasses (still valuable in a dorm room)
  • Sunglasses (classic and hip at the same time)
  • T-Shirts & Sweatshirts (everyone has them; what’s an event without a t-shirt?)
  • Women’s Thongs (yep, it’s a new thing and it’s certainly one way to come across a festival!)

What have we missed?

Who has created a new kind of festival takeaway?

- Bill Reichblum

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