Hell is Too Expensive

The domain asset management company, Moniker.com, held a domain auction on Friday, October 27th. As reported by Reuters, unexpected news coming out of the auction: Hell is still for sale.

Living in a time when too many politicians berate us for leading lives that will send us straight to hell, and considering the marketing possibilities for all sorts of endeavors, you would think someone would want to buy the rights to use Hell.com.

Turns out, as many of us have known for some time, hell is just too damn expensive.

The minimum bid was set at $1 million. No takers. Even worse, for those of us who follow such economic indicator trends, in April 2000 the owner tried to sell the site name for $8 million. The owner originally registered the site in 1995. Obviously, the value of hell has decreased significantly over the last six years.

The auction did do well for some: $1.5 million for Cameras.com, $120,000 for SexEducation.com, and $26,000 for Babies.net. [I'll leave it to you to think through what these numbers say about web users.]

For the festival crowd, there are some good names available in their next silent auction:

  • Puppet.com ($100k to $500k)
  • Produce.net (up to $10k)
  • Produce.org (up to $10k)
  • Wow.mobi (up to $10k)

You can also have the site that best describes all festival efforts:

  • WorkingOvertime.com ($10k to $25k)

Having spent too much money on these domain names, you might want to pick up this one, as well:

  • SendFunds.com ($50k to $100k)

Personal favorite that is still a favorite - only because it makes you wonder:

  • Esp.us (up to $10k)

Hell.com is still in play — just please don’t say KadmusArts sent you.

- Bill Reichblum

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